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Battle Queen Diana is part of the “Battle Queen” skin-set, and this is one of the better ones in my opinion. The design team at Riot Games did a pretty solid job with this skin, and most people are impressed.

Battle Queen Diana also has a prestige edition as well, but it’s quite rare, and probably not worth it for the average player. Still though if you are interested in this skin you will have to collect it using mythic/legacy skin methods in order to successfully obtain it.

Diana, the Battle Queen, is an exception to the “champion fantasy” criterion. But it’s simply too cool not to applaud. Nothing about this skin appears to be tied to the moon rather, it feels like a demonic queen channelling her power via magical crystals. Q and E now have tiny summoning portals, the ultimate now features red crystals instead of the original moon symbol, and background animation appears to be some strange ceremony. Because she’s wearing a dress, character model outline looks nothing like Diana. Having said that, the skin sort of slaps after you stop comparing it to the basic skin.


Battle Queen Diana in detail

It is a really cool skin. She has a blue dress and some nice armor. She also has a really cool skin as well, and some nice white hair. Overall her design is quite nice and very popular in the League of Legends community.

Her combat animations are also quite impressive, and in some cases are better than default Diana’s animations. With her flashing magic attacks and really cool-looking animations, this skin has a lot going for it!


Is Battle Queen Diana worth it?

The “Battle Queen” series of skins has some quality skins hidden in there. It is exceptional in that her design is quite nice. I feel like the “Battle Queen” theme fits her well, because she is a warrior after all, and the “battle queen” skin is like an upgrade to Diana.

This is a good skin and has a lot going for it. I’d say at least give it a chance if your still skeptical about buying it, because it is quite a nice skin, but won’t appeal to everyone.



It is a really good skin for Diana because it gives Diana as a champion more fashion choices. For example, if you want a warrior-based skin, go with Dragonslayer Diana. If you are looking for a darker-themed Diana, go for Dark Valkerye Diana. If you want something that looks royal, and significant go with Battle Queen Diana.

If your still clueless about what skin you should use with Diana, then you can always check out the PBE (Public Beta Environment) for more details about what champion you should use.

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