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Bewitching Janna Review

Hey there, fellow Summoners! Today, we’re diving into the bewitching world of League of Legends skins, focusing our magical gaze on none other than the enchanting Bewitching Janna. This mesmerizing skin first graced the Rift on October 24, 2018, and falls into the Legacy category, making it a bit of a rarity in the League universe. Priced at 1350 RP, Bewitching Janna offers a hauntingly beautiful twist on the already elegant champion, Janna. So, gather ’round as we uncover the secrets and charms of this skin.


It’s that time of year, folks—Janna’s favorite season! When the nights grow longer and the spirits awaken from their slumber, Janna embraces the enchantment of Halloween. She dons her witchy attire, Zephyr transforms into her chimeric familiar, and together they ride into the night, ready for adventure. It’s the witching hour, and Janna’s ready to weave her magic on the Rift.

Concept and Inspiration

Bewitching Janna brings the magic of Halloween to life with Janna herself as the star of this spooky show. Imagine Janna as your worst Halloween nightmare—decked out in a witch’s attire, complete with a pointy hat, stockings, and a whimsical broom with a pumpkin as a companion. But that’s not all; her loyal companion, Zephyr, also joins the festivities in a transformed state, adding an extra layer of charm to this bewitching duo.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Riot Games worked their magic on Bewitching Janna’s design, giving her a dark yet adorable witchy outfit that perfectly captures the essence of Halloween. The costume features delightful details like bat wing-styled cloth straps, eye-catching stockings, and that iconic pointy hat that screams ‘witchy elegance.’ Her staff has been whimsically transformed into a broom adorned with a playful pumpkin decoration, which, while not the most practical broom, certainly fits the theme.

But what really sets this skin apart are the visual effects. Every spell sparkles with Halloween charm, from haunting ghosts to a mischievous pumpkin cat and a glowing full moon. Janna’s recall animation adds a touch of humor as she scolds her broom before soaring into the night sky. And let’s not forget the spooky yet subtle sound effects that give a hauntingly beautiful twist to her abilities. Howling Gale, in particular, stands out with its eerie howling spectres.

Unique Features

Bewitching Janna doesn’t just stop at visuals and sounds; it brings a unique Halloween vibe to her gameplay. The skin immerses you in the eerie world of spirits and witches every time you cast a spell. Imagine conjuring gusts of wind swirling with spectral energy or sending out Howling Gale, surrounded by circling spectres. It’s like you’re a part of a spooky, supernatural story every time you play her.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, here’s the scoop on how to get your hands on Bewitching Janna in 2023. The skin isn’t readily available in the Riot store year-round; instead, it resides in the Legacy Vault, waiting for its moment to shine once more. When Riot decides to unlock the vault, you’ll have the opportunity to snag this enchanting skin for your collection. Keep an eye on special events or promotions, and you might just find yourself with Bewitching Janna in your inventory.

Gamers Feedback

Bewitching Janna has received mixed feedback from the League of Legends community. While many players appreciate the skin’s overall design and quality, there are notable concerns about its animations, effects, and comparisons to other Halloween-themed skins. Players have suggested improvements, particularly in terms of animations and thematic elements, to make the skin even more enchanting.

“Nice skin. I really like the moon-like shield, and that the Q isn’t so loud now.”

“I saw many many people say how the ult was a downgrade and I agreed. Too bad they didn’t do anything to it. I feel even darkening the purple a bit more would have made a huge difference D:”

“That her shield makes it look like she’s in front of the moon was a really clever touch.”

“Best skin in the game omg. more spooky skins pls.”

My Feedback

So, what’s the final verdict on Bewitching Janna? As a dedicated Summoner who has had the pleasure of experiencing this skin, I have some thoughts to share. First and foremost, the overall design and splash art are undeniably captivating. The attention to detail, especially the moon-like shield effect that places Janna in front of the moon, is a clever touch that adds to the skin’s charm.

However, I can’t help but echo the sentiments of some fellow players regarding certain missing animations and effects that I anticipated from a Halloween-themed skin. It feels like Bewitching Janna could have gone the extra mile to fully embrace the spooky theme, especially when compared to other skins in the collection.

For instance, it would have been a real treat to see a Homeguard animation where Janna elegantly rides her broomstick, adding a more thematic and immersive touch to her recall. Additionally, her ultimate ability could have been enhanced with witch-like laughs or additional visual effects, making it more exciting and fitting for the Halloween theme.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Bewitching Janna is undoubtedly a charming skin that adds a touch of magic to the League of Legends universe. It excels in terms of design and splash art, capturing the Halloween spirit beautifully. However, it’s fair to say that some opportunities were missed in terms of animations and effects to fully embrace the theme.

All things considered, I’d rate Bewitching Janna an 8 out of 10. It’s a skin with a strong overall design, but it could have ventured further into the realm of Halloween magic. If you’re a fan of the champion Janna and you appreciate a touch of enchantment in your League experience, this skin is well worth adding to your collection. So, the next time you’re ready to ride into the night on the Rift, consider donning the Bewitching Janna skin for an extra dash of magic and mystery.


When was Bewitching Janna released, and what is its price?

Bewitching Janna was released on October 24, 2018, in League of Legends. It is priced at 1350 RP.

What is the theme and inspiration behind Bewitching Janna?

The skin transforms Janna into a witch, embracing the Halloween theme. Her familiar, Zephyr, also takes on a new form, and together, they venture into the spooky world of Halloween.

What sets Bewitching Janna apart in terms of design and gameplay?

The skin features a dark and charming witch outfit with Halloween-themed visual effects. It immerses players in an eerie atmosphere with spectral energy and hauntingly beautiful spell effects, enhancing the gameplay experience.

How can I obtain Bewitching Janna in 2023?

Bewitching Janna is a Legacy skin, meaning it is not always available in the Riot store. Players can keep an eye on special events or promotions where the Legacy Vault is unlocked to have a chance to acquire this skin.

What are the community’s feedback and a final rating for Bewitching Janna?

Community feedback on Bewitching Janna is mixed, with some praising its design and moon-like shield effect, while others have expressed concerns about missing animations and effects. The skin is rated 8 out of 10, commended for its design but noted for potential improvements in embracing the Halloween theme further.