Birds of Prey Anivia Skin

Bird of Prey Anivia – skin released May 2, 2010. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Blackfrost Anivia
-Festival Queen Anivia
-Prehistoric Anivia
-Hextech Anivia
-Noxus Hunter Anivia
-Bird of Prey Anivia
-Team Spirit Anivia

A massive predator that is capable of producing frozen landscapes. The adversaries that are the most powerful and have the most experience will not be able to defeat Bird of Prey Anivia. Her strategy consists of making relatively minor attacks from a distance against the adversary. After having dinner with her prey, she takes a number of her victims with her as she continues her hunt. A bird of prey is depicted in the splash art as flying over an ice sheet. She lets out a piercing scream as she braces herself to seize the victim. Anivia also gives off a brilliant blue glow, and her forehead is adorned with a brilliant crystal that sparkles. The game features some nice artwork for the skin. The bird has a white head and a white tail, but the rest of its body is black. The perspective of the Bird of Prey Anivia is quite comparable to that of the bald eagle. This is arguably the most well-known bird of prey in the world and serves as the emblem of the United States of America. In addition, the indigenous peoples of North and South America hold this bird in very high regard.

It is important to note that Riot did not make any changes to the sounds, animation abilities, or particles in the game. They haven’t changed at all, but now they perfectly complement the look of the skin while still maintaining their original form. Consequently, Anivia is able to generate whirling currents and hurl jagged chunks of ice at her foes. This fits in well with her image of being a dangerous hunter who lives in icy deserts. In addition, the skin can be purchased for a reasonable price, which may be one of the reasons the developers chose not to make any further improvements.

How to get Bird of Prey Anivia in 2022?

There is nothing special about the Bird of Prey Anivia skin. This indicates that you can make the purchase from the in-game store at any time that is convenient for you. You can expand your collection by purchasing a skin for 1,350 RP and adding it to your inventory. If you have an interest in the United States of America, you already have cowboy skins, and for a relatively low cost, you can purchase an excellent skin.

Even though Bird of Prey Anivia is nothing more than a re-texture, it’s a pretty good one nonetheless. Her crystalline body is easily recognizable and stands in stark contrast to the appearance of a genuine bald eagle. The way that she appears is immediately obvious to anyone who sees her. The retexture is uncomplicated and distinctive while retaining its fundamental nature. Despite the fact that her ice skills make it appear as though she won’t be able to keep her word, Bird of Prey Anivia comes through in the end and fulfills her commitments. It might be better if it had a better model and a more seamless interaction with her ice, but if we’re talking about the money, it’s without a doubt a fantastic buy.

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