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Blackfrost Anivia – skin released on April 29, 2013. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Papercraft Anivia
-Festival Queen Anivia
-Prehistoric Anivia
-Hextech Anivia
-Noxus Hunter Anivia
-Bird of Prey Anivia
-Team Spirit Anivia

This skin for Anivia can also be referred to as the crystal phoenix skin. In ancient times, it was crafted with the intention of warding off Lissandra, a formidable foe of the world, from encroaching upon the territories of Runeterra. Blackfrost Anivia is guarding the long-lost knowledge of the Shurima civilization within its own mind. You can see him perched high atop a rock and keeping an eye out for the adversary in the splash art. The breathtaking display of the northern lights, which are considered to be a symbol of these areas, can be seen in the sky. The bluish-green glow lends an otherworldly quality to this piece of artwork. At this point, Anivia is completely consumed by the night, which resembles steel and ice. He has very pointed crystals on his wings, and a brilliant blue horn protrudes from the top of his head. Additionally, he does not have a tail because he has magnificent purple ribbons that give his skin an air of nobility. This time around, the appearance of Anivia has taken on a darker tone while simultaneously taking on a more aristocratic air. Her skeleton is made of rusty metal and features numerous deep dents and scratches from years of use. It appears that Blackfrost Anivia has been in a lot of fights and has experienced a lot of things. Dark crystals make up the wings and the rest of the plumage, and they are not particularly even or symmetrical in appearance.

Riot did an excellent job and developed new animations of abilities, particles, and sounds for the skin. Consequently, when Blackfrost Anivia uses her auto-attack, she casts a spell that causes the target to be struck by icy particles that are jet black in color. When you use the Crystallize ability, the ice wall that it creates has a dark color to it as well. And once you have activated Glacial Storm, a vicious blizzard will descend upon your foes. New animations were developed by the developers for things like flying, feeling emotion, landing a critical hit, and dying. During the animation for the recall, Anivia soars into the air for a number of seconds, and during that time, shadowy particles fly all around it. It seems to be working wonderfully! All of these specifics are meant to convey Anivia’s true dark essence in addition to her boundless supernatural power…

How can I acquire Blackfrost Anivia in 2022?

The skin known as Blackfrost Anivia is a legendary one. This indicates that you can make the purchase at any time that is convenient for you from the in-game store. You can purchase a skin for 1,820 RP, which is a significant investment but is well worth it. It is going to be interesting to anyone who enjoys a cold and gloomy theme.

The Blackfrost universe, which features an original narrative, revolves around Freljord, the protagonist of the story. The skin line whisks us away to a world in which Lissandra, the ice witch, has ruled the world. To further her conquest, she was successful in her attempts to corrupt a number of other great beings. Even Anivia is counted among the tainted, along with Alistar, Rek’Sai, and Renekton. Alistar, who had once defended his tribe, was unable to stand up to the tyranny that the witch imposed. Nobody knows what she promised him, but it made him susceptible to her power. Nobody knows what she promised him. Those residents of the community who were familiar with Rek’Sai and her kind were not surprised by her corrupt behavior. During the course of their routine rampages, these beasts are capable of destroying everything in their way. Because they are motivated by wrath, there was always the possibility that they would give in to Lissandra’s influence.

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