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Blood Moon Diana is the common skin in the greatest MOBA of all time League of Legends, which was released in February 2017 and since then it can be bought in the LoL official store for 1350 Riot Points.
Skin bio:
The style of this skin is a reference to the eastern theater of Kabuki and Shinigami, this can be seen in the specific mask and in general in the appearance of the updated model Diana. In addition to this skin, a whole series of Skin Moon skins was released: Blood Moon Akali, Blood Moon Twisted Fate, Blood Moon Elise, Blood Moon Jhin, Blood Moon Kalista, Blood Moon Kennen, Blood Moon Shen, Blood Moon Thresh, Blood Moon Yasuo, Blood Moon Zilean, Blood Moon Talon. Agree, a very extensive series of skins, which means that skin collectors in League of Legends definitely have something to profit from here!
What’s New?
Blood Moon Diana received a number of significant changes in the appearance, model, texture of the skin and, in general, Riot Games brought the appearance in line with the oriental theme of Blood Moon, like other skins in the series. Diana got a frightening oriental mask from under which her beautiful white hair is visible, which goes well. In her hands she holds a red braid, which she terrifies enemies and even the allies are afraid of these deadly weapons! This time Diana herself is wearing a beautiful red oriental costume, as you can see, Diana in the Blood Moon skin looks completely different, and this suggests that you simply have to have this skin in your collection if it is not already there!
In addition to new equipment, a new mask, a new weapon and a whole new look, Diana received many new particles for auto-attack and abilities. When applying abilities, the effects of particles of purple color appear, it looks really unusual and spectacular, and if you use Pale Cascade or, for example, Crescent Strike, you will witness the appearance of stunning purple particles, which replaced the annoying all the standard particles that Riot done for Diana by default. In addition to all of the above, Blood Moon Diana received a huge number of new character animations, a new Recall animation (the champion creates a red ball around himself and after the work is completed, it is transferred to its base). Riot Games also made many new sounds and sound effects to please fans of Diana champion and the Blood Moon skin series.
How to Get Blood Moon Diana in 2020?
It’s simple, now you can buy this great skin directly in the League of Legends official store for 1350 RP, or you can buy a League of Legends account that already has this and many other amazing skins in our online store with instant delivery, lifetime guaranteed and at a great price with generous discounts!
Often in League of Legends, it happened that Riot Games suddenly removed a skin from a store, after which this skin became extremely rare, and its cost on Ebay or in online stores soared to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars! So, think about it, the main thing in this matter is not to be late, because the avaricious pays twice …
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