Blood Moon Diana skin was introduced in February 2017 and is the most frequent one. Blood Moon Jhin, Blood Moon Kalista, Blood Moon Kennen, Blood Moon Shen, Blood Moon Thresh, Blood Moon Yasuo, Blood Moon Zilean, and Blood Moon Talon are some of the other Skin Moon skins available.
Full Moon in the Blood Moon In the end, Diana’s soul was selected by Blood Moon herself. Diana’s mind was exposed to long-forgotten mysteries that the cult had previously rejected. ” No one, not even the highest priests or demons, can fathom what Diana knows, so she is left to her own devices. It exceeded even the gods in power as a result of this mystifying change… Despite its dated appearance, the skin does not frighten the user. The kimono is the closest thing to a crimson robe worn by a champion in Japanese culture. This mask, which Diana wears to seem scary, shows off her white hair in all its glory. Even friends and adversaries alike are frightened by the crescent-shaped blade of Diana’s Blood Moon. A specific mask, as well as the skin’s overall look, evokes the eastern theatrical forms of Kabuki and Shinigami.

The particles’ goal is to further disperse the character, and in this case, they’ve succeeded. During auto-attack, you can see a crimson cloud erupting. When using Pale Cascade or Crescent Strike, you’ll see beautiful purple particles emerge. Full Moon in the Blood Moon Diana’s return animation has also been updated. After completing the action, Diana is carried back to her base in a crimson ball.

How to Get Blood Moon Diana in 2022?

There are two ways to get it: you may pay 1350 RP in the official League of Legends shop or purchase a League of Legends account with the skin already on it for a fantastic price and huge discounts with quick delivery, lifetime guarantee, and substantial discounts!

When she was freed on August 7, 2012, Diana became one of the first female superheroes of her generation. Diana is looking for a place in the world and a purpose in her life, both of which are important to her. After dominating games in League of Legends, Riot Games decided to bring this champion to the mobile version of the game, Wild Rift. In any case, here are some of the greatest skins available for Scorn of the Moon. Purple, gold, and blue make up the color scheme of this skin, which looks stunning on her. When Diana’s abilities were tweaked on November 27, 2019, this skin finally felt right. Numerous new effects and animations have been added, along with a completely reworked model.

Overall, Blood Moon Diana is a visually appealing skin with a sound idea that has been executed in a beautiful, albeit uninspiring, manner. Despite the fact that Blood Moon Diana is not as obviously gory as one would imagine, it expresses its meaning in an equally exquisite manner as her depiction in the splash image is portrayed. The majority of what is presented seems to be common, yet the subtle elegance with which the notion is given allows its qualities to be presented in an attractive manner. Blood Moon Diana is the supernatural counterpart to the Scorn of the Moon that she earned, according to supporters of the Scorn of the Moon.

Diana was one of the first champions of her kind when she was released on August 7, 2012. Diana is searching for her position in the world, as well as her purpose in life. Riot Games chose to introduce this champion in the mobile version of League of Legends, Wild Rift after he successfully dominated games in League of Legends. So, here are a few of the best Scorn of the Moon skins. This skin’s color scheme is purple, gold, and blue, and it looks fantastic on her. This skin wasn’t the best before, but it truly clicked for Diana when parts of her skills were changed on November 27, 2019. There are many new animations and effects, as well as a fully new model.