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Blood Moon Elise – skin released on January 08, 2015. It shares line with skins such as:

-Victorious Elise

-Death Blossom Elise

-SKT T1 Elise

-Super Galaxy Elise

Blood Moon Elise is a priestess of the Blood Moon cult, she has comprehended these dark mysteries as much as possible. So, Elise decided to completely merge with the demonic essence that lived inside her, and become an inseparable whole with her. The darkness completely took over her mind, she literally burst out of the world to exist in a dark abyss. The visual image of the skin only partially tries to convey the oriental style, which is actually good. Trying to avoid unnecessary repetitions, the developers added only a few details to the image. Blood Moon Elise wears a bright pink outfit in which you can see a slight oriental motif. Only the mask of the dragon on the head or, for example, the shoulder pads are striking. All this affects only the human form, the spider is completely different. The body is made in the form of a huge dragon head with three eyes. The legs, in turn, are just golden with a blue color at the end.

The developers of Blood Moon Elise also decided to update particles for all abilities and even animations for both forms.Particles for Volatile Spiderling and Rappel are worth noting. The moment of hitting the target is accompanied by a huge image of a mask, as if the spirit of a dragon appeared at that moment. Also interesting is the human-shaped review animation. Elise plays a beautiful oriental melody on the instrument, after which it is transferred.

How to get Blood Moon Elise in 2022?

This is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it from the play store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 975 RP and if you love Japanese theme or Blood Themed skins then you should definitely buy it.

It’s possible that Blood Moon Elise isn’t totally open about her Eastern influences. The general vibe is there, although it’s subtle. Blood Moon Elise is a skin that has a hard time putting its motif into action. That’s not to imply it’s unattractive; just the reverse. It, on the other hand, has difficulty getting its point through. In the end, it’s a nice skin with a hint of Eastern flavour and a lot of charm, despite its lack of concentration. It’s an intriguing alternative with a distinct aesthetic for Elise enthusiasts. Fans of Ionian culture, however, may think that the skin lacks clarity in terms of its concept.

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