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Caterpillar Kog’Maw Review

Step into the twisted world of League of Legends with the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin. This Legacy skin, released on June 23, 2010, brings a touch of monstrous charm to everyone’s favorite Void creature. With its unique concept and design, Caterpillar Kog’Maw is a must-have addition to any League player’s collection. Join us as we explore the lore, features, and overall gaming experience of this skin.


Kog’Maw, known for his insatiable appetite, finds himself lost in thought as he perches upon a toadstool. The wonders of Wonderland surround him, tempting him to devour everything in sight. “It would be a shame not to devour them all,” he muses, his hunger guiding his every move.

Concept and Inspiration

Caterpillar Kog’Maw emerged in 2010 as one of the first unique skins for this peculiar champion. Inspired by the name itself, the skin transforms Kog’Maw into a grotesque yet captivating caterpillar. The imaginative concept behind this skin captured the hearts of summoners, and the designers nailed the resemblance to a real caterpillar.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Diving into the design, Caterpillar Kog’Maw immerses players in shades of light green, mirroring the vibrant hue of a caterpillar. The splash art showcases Kog’Maw prowling through the jungle, fixated on a delicate butterfly. Contrary to the typical cuteness associated with caterpillars, this rendition leans towards a more monstrous aesthetic. Sharp golden horns and multiple red eyes add to the skin’s menacing appeal. The distinct tones of green, including the unique nose and dark green tail, complete the transformation.

While the skin doesn’t introduce new particles or animations, the captivating visuals alone make it an appealing choice for Kog’Maw enthusiasts.

Unique features

  • Stylized Caterpillar Appearance: Caterpillar Kog’Maw morphs the Void creature into a formidable caterpillar, boasting a striking green color scheme and menacing details. This fresh look ensures you stand out on the Summoner’s Rift.
  • Monstrous Charm: The skin’s overall design exudes a twisted charm, with its golden horns, red eyes, and sharp teeth. You’ll be a nightmare for your opponents while embracing your inner creepy crawler.
  • Immersive Jungle Journey: The splash art depicts Caterpillar Kog’Maw’s jungle exploration, capturing the essence of the skin’s concept and transporting players into a mystical realm where bugs rule.

Obtainability in 2023

Looking to add the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin to your collection? This Legacy skin is available for purchase only when the legacy vault opens. But, you’re in luck! Visit trusted sources like to grab this skin and unleash the monstrous caterpillar within Kog’Maw.

Gamers Feedback

Here are some of the most interesting comments left by members of the LoL community.

Wait, this is just green Kog’Maw!

Not a Kog’Maw player, so I legit first heard of this skin when I got it in a loot orb just now. Kinda wanna get it just to confuse people who also haven’t heard of it before. 😃

I have this and I can not believe it is a LEGACY skin for Kog’Maw. I will gladly use Sonoran or Monarch over this and they are both also Legacy, but worth it.

My Feedback

I don’t share the enthusiasm for the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin. I feel that it is a mere chroma or recolor, and its lack of distinctive features leaves much to be desired. Comparing it to other Legacy skins, I believe that the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin falls short in terms of visual impact and thematic coherence.

As a general review, the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin can be described as a lighthearted and whimsical cosmetic option that caters to a specific audience. Players like me who appreciate simplicity and are drawn to unique and unconventional aesthetics may find joy in using this skin. However, for those seeking more detailed and thematically cohesive skins, the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin might not meet their expectations.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin is a solid addition to any League of Legends player’s collection. While it may not boast the most extravagant effects or animations, its unique concept and design make it a standout choice. The skin’s monstrous charm, immersive jungle theme, and distinct caterpillar appearance set it apart from other Kog’Maw skins.

On a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin an 7. It offers a refreshing take on the champion, injecting a touch of creepiness into the game. Whether you’re a die-hard Kog’Maw fan or simply enjoy collecting skins, this one is definitely worth considering. So head over to or keep an eye out for the legacy vault opening and get ready to embrace the crawling madness with Caterpillar Kog’Maw!


What is the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin in League of Legends?

The Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin is a Legacy skin released in 2010 that transforms the champion Kog’Maw into a monstrous caterpillar with a unique green color scheme and menacing details.

How can I get the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin in 2023?

The Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin is only available for purchase when the legacy vault opens. You can find it on trusted sources like

Does the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin have special effects or animations?

No, the skin does not introduce new particles, animations, or sounds. However, the captivating design alone makes it an appealing choice for Kog’Maw enthusiasts.

What is unique about the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin?

The skin stands out with its stylized caterpillar appearance, featuring a striking green color scheme and menacing details. It offers a twisted charm, showcasing golden horns, red eyes, and sharp teeth. The immersive splash art depicts Kog’Maw’s jungle journey in a mystical realm.

Is the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin recommended?

Yes, the Caterpillar Kog’Maw skin is a solid choice for any League of Legends player. While it may not have the most extravagant effects, its unique design and concept make it a standout skin. It offers a refreshing and creepy twist to the champion’s appearance, making it worth considering for both dedicated fans and skin collectors.