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Commando Lux Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! If you’re a League of Legends enthusiast, you’ve likely come across the legendary Commando Lux skin. First hitting the scene on June 16, 2011, this skin has a fascinating history and a lot of cool features that we’re going to dive into. So, let’s gear up and explore the ins and outs of the Commando Lux skin and how it can add some extra flair to your gameplay.


Picture this: Lux donning a combination of soundproof ear protectors, a multispectral heat visor, lace-up knee-high boots, and a futuristic double-sided flamethrower that blasts laser beams instead of fire. This ain’t your average dress-up game! The lore behind Commando Lux is all about her suiting up in a Demacian Commando getup, ready to bring the heat (quite literally) to the battlefield.

Concept and Inspiration

Commando Lux takes Lux’s vibrant and colorful armor and swaps it out for a practical yet striking Demacian Commando suit. It’s like she’s traded her party dress for some serious battle gear. The designers have given Lux a complete makeover, reimagining her as a fierce warrior ready to take down foes with style.

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

Lux rocks a full green battle armor that’s got her back from head to toe, complete with some slick green goggles. Her trusty wand, Orpuzhee, also gets a military makeover, decked out in green armor as well. If you’re a fan of the Fallout game series, you might notice a bit of a vibe from their combat armor in the design. While Commando Lux doesn’t bring in new particles, animations, or sounds, her revamped appearance is a visual treat.

In the skin’s splash art, Lux stands tall amidst a blazing jungle in her army attire. The fire’s glow outlines her form, framing the action like a cinematic shot. The attention to detail in this artwork truly shines through, making it a captivating visual treat.

Unique Features

Summing up what we’ve just gone over: Commando Lux boasts an impressive new model for both Lux and her trusty wand, Orpuzhee. The skin design, inspired by modern combat, gives Lux a fierce appearance that’ll make enemies think twice. While it doesn’t introduce new particles, animations, or sounds, the visual overhaul is undeniable.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, the big question: how can you get your hands on this striking Commando Lux skin? Well, fear not! You can snag this skin in the Riot Store for 520 RP, but there’s another path to consider – If you’re on the lookout for an account that comes with this skin, that might just be the place to score it.

Gamers Feedback

LoL community has shown mixed reactions to the Commando Lux skin. While some appreciate its unique theme and appearance, others find its in-game effects underwhelming and not as impactful as they had hoped.

“Honestly, I just got the skin from a friend, because he knew I loved the splash art. But, it looks like a chroma of casual Lux.”

“I just bought this skin. Love the theme. No regrets.”

“Feels a bit stupid that in the drawing the weapon appears like a flamethrower, but the spells look exactly the same.”

“The splash art is awesome!!!”

My Feedback

While the splash art is undeniably eye-catching and the theme is intriguing, I can’t help but feel that the in-game model doesn’t quite live up to the bar set by the artwork. The contrast between the two aspects left me a tad underwhelmed. Additionally, the spell effects seemed to echo her default abilities, leaving me wanting a more unique and immersive experience. Personally, I’m all about skins that bring a fresh twist to Lux’s abilities, enhancing the gameplay’s excitement.

Conclusion and Rating

So, here we are at the end of our journey through the world of Commando Lux. Though the splash art and theme grabbed my attention, there’s room for improvement in connecting the skin’s effects with its thematic essence. Adding distinctive visual elements could definitely crank up the impact and enjoyment factor. All said and done, I’d give this skin a solid 6 out of 10. While it’s not perfect, it’s still worth considering if you’re a fan of Lux’s champion style.

And there you have it, fellow gamers! Commando Lux, with its sleek Demacian Commando suit and revamped appearance, is ready to take the battlefield by storm. Whether you’re a die-hard Lux fan or just looking for an intriguing twist on your favorite champion, this skin might just be the one for you. Stay fierce, and I’ll catch you on the Rift!


What is the concept of Commando Lux skin?

Commando Lux is a League of Legends skin where Lux adopts a Demacian Commando appearance, trading her usual armor for a practical battle suit with a futuristic flamethrower wand.

What are the design and features of the skin?

  • Commando Lux features a green battle armor and goggles, giving her a fierce and militaristic look.
  • Her wand, Orpuzhee, also receives a military makeover, matching her new appearance.
  • While the skin doesn’t bring new particles, animations, or sounds, it offers a significant visual transformation.

How can I obtain the Commando Lux skin in 2023?

  • The Commando Lux skin can be acquired through the Riot Store by purchasing it directly.
  • It may also be available on platforms like as part of a pre-existing account.

What has been the player feedback on Commando Lux skin?

Player reactions to the skin have been mixed.

Some players appreciate the unique theme and appearance, while others find the in-game effects lacking and not as impactful as expected.

What is the author’s personal feedback and rating of the skin?

The author is intrigued by the skin’s theme and splash art but finds the in-game model and spell effects underwhelming. We rate the skin a 6 out of 10, suggesting it’s worth considering for Lux fans, despite its room for improvement.