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Conqueror Nautilus Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! If you’re a fan of League of Legends and the deep-sea behemoth, Nautilus, you’re in for a treat. Today, we’re diving into the world of the Conqueror Nautilus skin, a true gem in the League of Legends universe. It was released on July 9, 2020. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey in the Rift, this skin is sure to catch your eye.


The Conqueror Nautilus skin is part of the Conqueror skin line, designed to hype up the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI). It’s like the fiery counterpart to the Championship skins that precede the Worlds. In this skin line, champions step onto the Rift with a fierce determination, embodying the spirit of competition. And Nautilus, the titan of the depths, is no exception.

Concept and Inspiration

The concept behind Conqueror Nautilus is nothing short of epic. Imagine the depths of the ocean meeting the intensity of a high-stakes competition. That’s the vibe this skin brings to the table. Inspired by the Conqueror theme, it transforms our favorite abyssal titan into a fearsome competitor ready to dominate the battlefield.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

When it comes to design, sound effects, and animations, Conqueror Nautilus doesn’t disappoint. Riot has given this skin a complete makeover, including a new model, fresh textures, and jaw-dropping animations. Every skill particle and animation has been revamped to give you that immersive experience you crave.

Picture this: Nautilus raises a trophy in the air as he recalls to base, while the distant roar of an audience fills the air. And when he triggers his Titan’s Wrath (W) ability, the MSI logo swirls around him, adding that extra layer of competition flair. The skin sports the iconic black and ruby Conqueror color scheme, making Nautilus look like a true champion of the seas.

But what about sound effects, you ask? Well, Conqueror Nautilus might not bring new sounds to the table, but trust me, the visual and animation upgrades more than make up for it.

Unique Features

Now, let’s talk about what sets Conqueror Nautilus apart from the rest. First and foremost, the skin boasts a custom recall animation that’s simply cool. It’s these little details that can make a skin stand out, and this one nails it.

Obtainability in 2023

If you’re itching to add Conqueror Nautilus to your collection in 2023, here’s the deal: you won’t find it in the Riot store. This skin is tucked away in the Legacy Vault, patiently waiting for its moment to resurface. So keep an eye out for those rare opportunities when the vault opens up.

Gamers Feedback

LoL players have expressed mixed opinions regarding the Conqueror Nautilus skin. While some appreciate its long-awaited custom recall animation and reasonable pricing, others find it visually underwhelming and believe it lacks the distinctive features they had hoped for.

“AstroNaut still better. “

“The skin isn’t as bad as people make it.”

“Nautilus deserves a prestige edition skin for this one.”

“I like the Mega Minion look. Just needs a better backing animation. Don’t like any of the champion trophy stuff.”

My Feedback

As a fellow gamer, I can’t help but appreciate the custom recall animation of Conqueror Nautilus – it’s a neat touch that adds some extra personality to this skin. However, I must admit that compared to some of Nautilus’s other skins, this one falls a bit short in my book. Some players have playfully compared it to a “Mega Minion” or a “red team minion,” and I can see where they’re coming from. While it’s not my top pick for Nautilus, it’s still a decent addition to your skin collection, especially if you’re a die-hard Nautilus fan.

Conclusion and Rating

To wrap things up, the Conqueror Nautilus skin is a mixed bag of emotions. It brings some cool updates to Nautilus’s visuals and animations, and that custom recall animation adds a nice touch. However, it may not be the most visually striking skin in his repertoire. If you’re a fan of the Conqueror theme and love showing off your competitive spirit with Nautilus, it’s worth considering. Overall, I’d rate this skin a solid 7 out of 10.

So, summoners, there you have it – a deep dive into the world of Conqueror Nautilus. If you’re into the Conqueror theme or just want to switch up your Nautilus style, give it a shot the next time it graces the Legacy Vault. Happy gaming!


What is the Conqueror Nautilus skin and its theme?

Conqueror Nautilus is part of the Conqueror skin line, designed for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) in League of Legends. It embodies a competitive spirit, transforming Nautilus into a fierce competitor.

What are the key features of Conqueror Nautilus?

The skin features a complete makeover with new models, textures, and animations. It includes a unique recall animation and incorporates the MSI logo in his Titan’s Wrath ability. However, it doesn’t introduce new sound effects.

How can I obtain the Conqueror Nautilus skin in 2023?

You won’t find Conqueror Nautilus in the Riot store in 2023. It is available in the Legacy Vault, so keep an eye out for limited opportunities when the vault opens.

What’s the player feedback on Conqueror Nautilus?

Player opinions are mixed, with some appreciating the custom recall animation and reasonable pricing, while others find it visually underwhelming. Some players express a desire for a higher-priced premium skin for Nautilus.

What’s the overall rating and conclusion for Conqueror Nautilus?

The skin receives a rating of 7 out of 10. It offers cool updates to visuals and animations but may not be the most visually striking skin for Nautilus. It’s recommended for fans of the Conqueror theme or Nautilus enthusiasts looking for a change.