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Corki Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving into the world of League of Legends to explore one of the most iconic champions around – Corki. So, fasten your seatbelts because this yordle pilot is ready to take us on an aerial adventure like no other. Corki was released into the League of Legends universe on September 19, 2009, and he falls under the Marksman class, primarily dominating the Middle lane. In 2023, Corki comes with a price tag of 3150 BE or 790 RP, making him a reasonable addition to your champion roster.


Let’s start by delving into Corki’s backstory because it’s quite the tale. This daring yordle pilot hails from Bandle City but found his true calling in the bustling city of Piltover. There, he became enamored with the marvelous machinery he discovered and dedicated himself to creating flying contraptions. Corki’s love for flying runs deep, second only to his admiration for his glorious mustache (maybe not in that exact order).

Leading the aerial defense force known as the Screaming Yipsnakes, Corki is renowned for keeping his cool under fire, often bordering on sheer madness. He’s no stranger to dangerous missions, volunteering for tasks behind enemy lines and embracing dogfights with unmatched enthusiasm. Corki even modified his copter with a flashy array of weapons, which some say are more for show than practicality.

Corki Abilities

Alright, let’s break down Corki’s arsenal of abilities:

  • Passive – Hextech Munitions: Corki converts a portion of his basic attack damage into magical damage, and he occasionally gets to retrieve The Package, granting him a speed boost and an empowered Valkyrie.
  • Q – Phosphorus Bomb: Corki tosses a flash bomb that not only deals magic damage but also reveals hidden foes in the vicinity.
  • W – Valkyrie: Corki takes to the skies, dropping fiery bombs in his wake, which inflict damage on anyone sticking around in the fiery trail.
  • E – Gatling Gun: Corki lets loose a hail of bullets in a cone, dealing damage and shredding the Armor and Magic Resist of his enemies.
  • R – Missile Barrage: Corki fires off missiles at his target location, causing an explosive impact and dealing area damage. He can store these missiles over time, with every third missile being a Big One, packing extra punch.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Champion

Now, let’s talk pros and cons when it comes to Corki:


  • Corki excels at poking and all-ins.
  • He’s a viable choice in full AD team compositions.
  • Corki is a safe pick, suitable for blind selection.
  • With the right setup, he carries serious potential.
  • His wave-clearing abilities are top-notch.
  • He brings Armor and Magic Resist reduction to the table.


  • Corki’s early game is on the weaker side.
  • He can be a bit squishy, so you need to watch your positioning.
  • Managing his mana can be a challenge in the early stages.
  • Assassins can make life difficult for Corki.
  • Some of his essential items can be costly.

Best Items for Champion

Now, let’s talk shop and figure out the best gear for Corki:

 Trinity Force: After some buffs in patch 13.10, Trinity Force is the go-to choice for Corki. It’s not only cheaper than most crit mythic items but also more effective than Essence Reaver in the early stages. Plus, it offers the extra range you’ll need.

 Stormrazor: Post-patch 13.10, Stormrazor is a potent pick, especially for Corki. It boosts your crits’ damage and pairs beautifully with Rapid Firecannon.

 Manamune (Muramana): This is your core item, offering a significant damage boost and excellent scaling potential. Your build path should go Tear of the Goddess -> Sheen -> Trinity Force -> Manamune -> Rapid Firecannon.

 Rapid Firecannon: As your third core item, Rapid Firecannon provides extra range and movement speed with energized auto-attacks. It complements your other items perfectly.

Best Lanes and Roles for Champion

Wondering where Corki thrives the most? Well, he’s quite versatile when it comes to where he can take the fight. You can find Corki making waves in the solo lanes and even in the duo lane as well.

Mid Lane: Corki shines brightly in the mid lane. He boasts some favorable matchups and can hold his ground quite well. However, be aware that his early game and wave-clear might leave something to be desired. Also, keep in mind that he lacks hard crowd control, except when he’s got The Package ready to deliver some explosive plays.

Top Lane: In the top lane, Corki is a decent pick. His kit includes a handy escape mechanism that can help him evade ganks. Plus, his ability to blind opponents while making a hasty retreat with Valkyrie can save him from sticky situations.

Duo Lane (Bottom): Corki can also find a place in the duo lane, typically paired with a support. While not as common, it can work in specific team compositions and strategies.

However, it’s worth noting that Corki does have some weaknesses. His early game is on the weaker side, and his wave-clear is not the best during the early stages. Moreover, his lack of hard crowd control (except for when The Package is in play) can pose challenges when your team requires more crowd control in your lineup.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Now, let’s talk strategy. Corki, like any champion, has champions he excels against and those he’d rather avoid. So, here are some insights:

Corki tends to have favorable matchups against champions like Rumble and LeBlanc. These matchups often tilt in his favor, allowing Corki to dominate the lane.

On the flip side, he has a tough time dealing with champions like Galio and Annie. These matchups can be a real nightmare for Corki, so it’s best to steer clear of them whenever possible.

Price of this Champion in 2023

In 2023, Corki comes with a price tag of 3150 BE or 790 RP, making him a reasonable investment for your champion pool.

My Feedback

Now, let’s chat a bit about Corki’s current state in the game. In my personal opinion, Corki could use a bit of a visual and gameplay makeover. His design feels a tad reminiscent of a gnome engineer from World of Warcraft, which doesn’t quite mesh with the League of Legends universe.

I’d love to see Corki get some attention from Riot Games in the form of a VGU (Visual and Gameplay Update). While his current gameplay has its moments, there’s undeniable potential for a more engaging and thematically fitting kit.

Corki stands out as a unique champion who builds AD but deals primarily in magic damage, a characteristic that adds depth to his gameplay. He’s a robust pick with significant scaling potential, making him a solid choice in a variety of scenarios.

If you’re looking to climb the ranks in low ELO, Corki can be an excellent choice. Many players may not fully understand how Corki operates or anticipate the damage he can dish out, which can give you a significant advantage.

Best Skins for Corki

arcade corki splash art

If you’re into sprucing up your champion’s appearance, here are some of the best skins for Corki:

  • Fnatic Corki: This skin pays homage to the 2011 World Champions, featuring the Fnatic team logo on Corki’s aircraft, along with unique effects.
  • Hot Rod Corki: Part of the Piltover Customs line, this skin gives Corki a fresh look with recolored visuals, though it doesn’t come with special effects.
  • Ice Toboggan Corki: If you’re looking for a pricier option, this skin offers a toboggan-themed aircraft but doesn’t bring any additional effects to the table.
  • Red Baron Corki: This skin puts Corki in a WW1 fighter craft with a striking red theme. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature unique sounds or effects.
  • URFrider Corki: With clean textures and R ability particles from all Corki’s skins, this skin is a favorite among pros.
  • Arcade Corki: Belonging to the Arcade universe, this skin brings arcade-like VFX and SFX to the table, along with a unique recall animation.
  • Dragonwing Corki: From the Lunar Revel universe, this skin adds fireworks to Corki’s abilities and includes a celebratory dance during recall.
  • Astronaut Corki: As part of the Astronaut universe, this skin comes with space-themed effects and a cute little meep companion.
  • Corgi Corki: Celebrating the Cats vs. Dogs event, this skin features Corki riding a corgi with woofing SFX, plus a fun dance animation.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

Before we wrap things up, here are some tricks and fun facts about Corki:

  • Corki flies a Reconnaissance Operations Front Line (ROFL) Copter, a nod to the ROFLcopter meme.
  • You can use Valkyrie to fly over walls, but it works best when you get as close as possible to thick walls.
  • Phosphorus Bomb is handy for revealing enemies hiding in nearby bushes.
  • The third big rocket from Missile Barrage has more range than the other rockets, making it perfect for hitting multiple enemies or quickly clearing minion waves when combined with Phosphorus Bomb.

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to Corki that’s easy to digest for gamers and teens alike. So, whether you’re a fan of aerial assaults or just admire that majestic mustache, Corki is a champion worth trying out in your League of Legends adventures.


Who is Corki in League of Legends?

Corki is a yordle pilot champion in League of Legends, known for his love of flying and iconic mustache. He belongs to the Marksman class and is often played in the Middle lane.

What are Corki’s abilities and strengths?

Corki has abilities like Phosphorus Bomb, Valkyrie, Gatling Gun, and Missile Barrage. He excels in poking, all-ins, and is a safe blind pick due to his wave-clearing and Armor/Magic Resist reduction abilities.

What are the best items for Corki in 2023?

Key items for Corki include Trinity Force, Stormrazor, Manamune (Muramana), and Rapid Firecannon. These items provide damage, range, and crit boosts.

Where does Corki excel in lanes and roles?

Corki is versatile, performing well in the Mid lane, Top lane, and even the duo lane with a support. However, his early game can be weak, so careful positioning is essential.

Are there any recommended skins for Corki?

Some notable Corki skins include Fnatic Corki, Arcade Corki, and Astronaut Corki, each offering unique visual effects and themes.