Fnatic Corki – skin released on September 24, 2014. He shares his line with skins such as:

-Dragonwing Corki

-Corgi Corki

-Ice Toboggan Corki

-Arcade Corki

-Red Baron Corki

-Urfrider Corki

-Hot Rod Corki

-UFO Corki

Fnatic Corki was created in honor of the victory of LaMiaZeaLoT, who played for Corki during the 2011 World Championship. Recall that every year Riot releases a series of skins in honor of the winning team of the tournament. Each player gets a separate skin for the champion in whose role he played. That year, the Fnatic team won, which you can guess from the name of the skin, if you did not know. The design of Corki used the colors of the team, namely black and gold, and thanks to this, the skin looks pretty stylish. The Fnatic Corki copter differs from the standard one in that it looks quite modern or even futuristic. It is made of steel, the screws and the gun look beautiful and have straight lines. Engines located behind the copter, as if transferred from a comic box. Also, instead of the dashboard, you can see a screen with an aim in the middle, as well as a keyboard and mouse. If you have not forgotten this is a gaming skin, so these attributes look pretty logical here. Fnatic Corki is wearing a black helmet with the team logo, as well as gaming headphones.

Unfortunately, the developers decided not to add new animations and particles, and probably will not. The skin turned out to be really stylish and even exquisite, thanks to a beautiful palette of colors, so Fnatic Corki will definitely find connoisseurs.

How to get Fnatic Corki in 2022?

The cost of this wonderful skin was 750 RP, but at the moment, the skin is in Legacy Vault. Riot Games opens access to it for a limited period of time in honor of an event. But now the skin is not available for purchase in the in-game store and the only way to get the skin now is to buy an account with Fnatic Corki already activated on it in our store.

The background might be used to depict the glowing entryway from which the splendid squad emerges with considerable effort. Unfortunately, everything is so hazy and lacking in information that we can only assume. The champs make a valiant attempt to escape the hazy surroundings. Corki’s notion is easily adaptable to contemporary technology, and the more sophisticated copter and equipment are ideal for him. The issue is that there is nothing additional available after the refining. It’s essentially the same pilot on the same plane. This makes the skin appealing for what it has to give, but it lacks depth. Finally, it’s not a terrible alternative for keeping Corki’s technology up to date, but just for that.

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