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Cosmic Queen Ashe – skin released on August 21, 2018. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Freljord Ashe
-Sherwood Forest Ashe
-Woad Ashe
-Queen Ashe
-Amethyst Ashe
-Marauder Ashe
Heartseeker Ashe
-High Noon Ashe

Cosmic Queen Ashe – the mistress of space is presented in the form of a powerful warrior. Traveling through the vast expanses of space, she, with the help of her arrows, she lights new stars. This work can only be done by the gods, so you can understand how incredible power it has. Splash art shows us Ashe seated on a throne somewhere in the depths of space. Around it are flying small asteroids, on which people are kneeling. In comparison, Cosmic Queen Ashe is simply a giant and resembles Celestial. The blue light from her cloak and arms illuminates the cosmic darkness and makes Ashe truly impressive. In the game, she is dressed in a purple and gold costume. On the back is her cloak, on which you can see tiny stars and entire constellations. Also over the head of the star warrior hangs a blue halo in the shape of a symbol.

Changes also affected particles, sounds, and animations for all abilities. So, at the time of the auto-attack, Ashe fires arrows that emit dark blue cosmic dust. And during the ult, she launches a huge arrow, which, faced with the enemy, crumbles into constellations. Sounds for the skin now represent the singing of the cosmos, and they are truly mesmerizing. Also, the recall animation has become an incredible performance. Cosmic Queen Ashe flies up into the air and gradually darkens, it begins to look like a starry sky. Again, flying around beautiful constellations of various shapes. The Ranger’s Focus and Volley abilities have bright flashes of light that are also very colorful. They are accompanied by small stars and support the cosmic environment very well. The Enchanted Crystal Arrow is nothing more than a blinding constellation fired from Ashe’s bow. He then crumbles into smaller ones. Hawkshot also culminates in a flash of a large constellation, which looks like a great symbol for a skin. The Hawk Spirit is simple and shows us a bird of the color of cosmic matter, also dotted with small stars. Visually, the skin is much better, even many and others from this line. It has very rich and magical colors, besides, the space itself is mesmerizing.

How to get Cosmic Queen Ashe in 2022?

It is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. It can be bought for only 1350 RP and this is a really low price for such a “space” skin. It will appeal to all lovers of space subjects and the event horizon.

Ashe appears to be exceptionally colourful and lively for a Cosmic Queen. Given how bright the skin may be, it might appear visually overburdened to the point where the splash art’s somber approach can feel refreshing. Regardless, there is no denying that there is a great deal of visual beauty on display. It’s all thanks to the particles, and while we’re not talking about anything particularly complicated, there’s always something that attracts the eye. This is a really appealing skin if you appreciate a lot of visual intensity. There’s so much to view that it might get tiring, therefore in that case you might want to just consider the skin decent but overloaded.

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