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Cottontail Teemo

Rarity: Regular

Price: 975 Riot Points

Release Date: April 18, 2011

Concept: Teemo depicts an Easter Bunny.

Model: Major model changes for Teemo and a new model for the poison trap.

Particles: No New Particles

Animations: New walking animation.

Sounds: No new FX effects.

Is it possible to buy in the game? Yes!

“The eggs are sludge, right? They are round. They break easily. The eggs need a serious facelift. I present to you Cottontail Teemo! He is very cute. He annoys me. But most importantly, he will color all your eggs for you, possibly turning one or two (or seven) into a life-threatening explosive. “

This skin shows us Cottontail Teemo in the costume of an Easter bunny who has a backpack with Easter eggs behind his back. Speaking of eggs, I advise you to take a control totem, because its poisonous trap is now in the form of an Easter egg.
Actually, Cottontail Teemo is cute enough for such an annoying champion, even too cute. 🙂
Cottontail Teemo is a skin that takes pride in its cuteness, which is something that not everyone can handle. The model works well: the rabbit costume is fluffy enough, and the Easter egg sack and carrot dangling from Teemo’s neck add to the motif. Teemo’s blushes and his Noxious Traps are like Easter eggs in different colors. Walking hops are an excellent way to complete a skin that is highly consistent. Cottontail Teemo will appeal to you if a fluffy rabbit jumping about a woodland while carrying Easter eggs and a large carrot around its neck appeals to you.

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