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Crimson Elite Talon

Rarity: Regular

Price: 750 Riot Points

Release Date: August 23, 2011

Concept: Talon is dressed in the crimson tunic of the Noxian elite.

Model: New model for Talon.

Particles: No new particles.

Animations: No new animations.

Sounds: No new sounds.

Is it possible to buy in the game? Yes!

“The crimson elite cannot confirm or deny the existence of an agent known as Talon. The bloody trail left behind it is an ominous warning for everyone. Perhaps even more confusing are hundreds of undocumented cases that remain unsolved.”

Crimson Elite Talon – Talon became a secret agent of a certain organization as the Crimson Elite. Not only could he not be caught, but the Noxian mercenary was also covered, and he began to kill his victims with impunity ….

This is a very beautiful skin that costs its mask and blade, especially since it’s 750 Riot Points!
It’s an intriguing thought to have Talon as a Crimson Elite member. Unfortunately, there are a few flaws in the execution. The suit is nicely designed as a Crimson Elite uniform, especially the helmet, which stands out due to its bright color and forceful lines. The cape is a disappointment because it follows Classic Talon’s capricious pattern. A classic cape would have been more appropriate and graceful, since the existing one appears to be pushed to match this pattern. The remainder of the uniform contains a few ornamentations, but it otherwise appears basic; it does, however, imply something more ornate that never materialized. Crimson Elite Talon is a disappointing skin; it has a wonderful concept, but the execution falls short of making it as useful as it may be.

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