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Desperada Cassiopeia – skin released on December 14, 2010. He shares his line with skins such as:

– Mythic Cassiopeia
– Siren Cassiopeia
– Jade Fang Cassiopeia
– Eternum Cassiopeia

Desperada Cassiopeia shows Cassiopeia in the image of a gangster from the Wild West. As we know in conditions where everyone is armed, the special abilities of the fighters are greatly appreciated. For example, Longhorn Alistar can literally demolish opponents. So Cassiopeia, being a powerful creature, was able to get into the bandit clan and gain a foothold there. She loves violence and is one of the strongest fighters in her gang, easily cracking down on both legalists and innocent people. Once, Desperada Cassiopeia overthrew the leader of her clan in a bloody battle and now she rules on her own. On splash art you can see who the people of the Wild West can do business with. Desperada Cassiopeia surrounded by sand and cacti effectively throws a snake at the enemy. She knows neither fear nor doubt, only cold calculation and thirst for blood drives her. Cassiopeia is dressed all in black. She wears a corset, a cowboy hat and gloves with blades attached. The snake tail of Cassiopeia has also changed, and now it resembles the tail of a rattlesnake, the mistress of the wild west wilderness.

Unfortunately, Riot did not add new particles, animations or sounds. The changes affected only the model and we can say that the work was done perfectly. However, it is worth recognizing that standard particles are great for skinning, it is especially worth noting particles for Miasma ability. Desperada Cassiopeia releases a cloud of dark black particles at the enemy and, given the visual style of the skin, it looks epic.

If you are an outlaw at heart and want to acquaint yourself with the rules of the west while playing your favorite multiplayer title that is the league of the legends then you have to get on with the Desperada
Cassiopeia, a stunning outlaw from the out west who is bent on taking on every lousy enemy of her with snake attacks via the real snakes falling right and left of her sleeves. She has got an exquisitely penetrating claw which she very much likes to use when she is torturing those enemies of her in the good old western way.

How to get Desperada Cassiopeia in 2022?

Desperada Cassiopeia is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. A skin costs only 520 RP, so hurry up with a purchase. This skin perfectly shows the theme of the Wild West, and is also included in the High Noon line.

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