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Dragon Trainer Lulu Review

Hey there, fellow summoners and pixel warriors! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the whimsical world of League of Legends and taking a closer look at a skin that’s been stirring up quite a bit of magic in the community. So grab your virtual wands and let’s talk about none other than the enchanting Dragon Trainer Lulu skin! It was released on November 13, 2012.


Ever wondered what happens when you mix a mischievous yordle sorceress with an adorable baby dragon? Well, wonder no more. The lore behind Dragon Trainer Lulu is like a spellbinding tale straight out of a fantasy book. In a world where dragons are both feared and revered, Lulu managed to cast a spell of friendship that bonded her with an adorable dragon companion named Pix. This whimsical connection led to her becoming the first-ever dragon trainer, a role that’s as awe-inspiring as it is heartwarming.

Concept and Inspiration

Picture this: Lulu, dressed in elaborate robes, her eyes sparkling with magic, and by her side, a baby dragon with a mischievous grin. That’s the essence of Dragon Trainer Lulu – a skin that beautifully captures the spirit of Lulu’s playful nature. Even though she’s dressed as a human, her yordle charm and whimsy remain intact. It’s like a blend of magic and fashion, creating a truly unique identity for our favorite sorceress.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Now, let’s talk aesthetics. Dragon Trainer Lulu brings the magic to life with its stunning design. Lulu dons white and green robes, topped with a whimsical purple hat that’s hard to miss. And oh, Pix! The little pink dragon is an absolute show-stealer, with both Lulu and Pix receiving eye-catching models that are bound to make you smile. The attention to detail shines through in the new particles that grace her abilities and auto-attacks, adding a touch of enchantment to every move she makes.

When it comes to animations, Riot didn’t hold back. Pix gets in on the action with new emotes, animations for Glitterlance, and even death sequences. And let’s not forget the sound effects – the revamped sound for Whimsy is like music to our ears, and Pix’s taunts and demise sound as adorable as they are heartstring-tugging.

Unique Features

Now, this is where things get even more exciting. Dragon Trainer Lulu brings a bag full of unique goodies to the table. Imagine Pix stumbling through the air as Lulu walks or the idea of Lulu actually riding the dragon when casting her ‘W’ ability on herself – talk about adding layers of enjoyment! These extra charms make the skin feel like a magical journey, enhancing your gameplay experience and making you feel like a true dragon trainer.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, you might be wondering, “Where can I snag this enchanting skin?” Well, here’s the scoop: Dragon Trainer Lulu can be directly purchased from the Riot store for 1250 Riot Points.  Also, Smurfmania.com has got you covered with accounts that come with the coveted Dragon Trainer Lulu skin. So if you’re looking to add a touch of enchantment to your League adventures, this is the place to be.

Gamers Feedback

LoL community appreciate the intricate design and unique animations of the Dragon Trainer Lulu skin, with praise for its stunning splash art and engaging in-game effects. While opinions vary on the in-game appearance and minor improvements that could be made, the skin is generally well-received by Lulu enthusiasts.

“This skin is soo beautifully done in every aspect! A must buy for me! :D”

“I hope they make a futuristic Lulu skin at one point would definitely be a challenge”

“I want more dragon trainer skins, but they should called them dracomancer skins. Think that’s the proper geek term :3”

“I always feel happy when a Lulu supports me.”

My Feedback

As a dedicated Lulu player myself, I can’t help but sing praises for the Dragon Trainer Lulu skin. From the intricacies in the splash art to the captivating animations and effects, this skin oozes charm from every pixel. The attention to detail is commendable, and the unique features like Pix’s antics and the ‘W’ ability twist truly make it stand out. As someone who’s seen their fair share of skins, I can confidently say that this one is a gem in the treasure trove of League cosmetics.

Conclusion and Rating

In the realm of League of Legends skins, Dragon Trainer Lulu is a true standout. While it might seem a tad pricey, the magical additions and charming touches more than make up for it. The skin’s concept, design, and unique features like Pix’s antics all contribute to making it a must-have for any Lulu enthusiast. On a scale of enchantment, I’d give this skin an 8 out of 10. So, if you’re a fan of Lulu and you’re looking to level up your champion’s style, don’t hesitate to add Dragon Trainer Lulu to your collection!


What is the lore behind the Dragon Trainer Lulu skin?

Dragon Trainer Lulu’s lore tells of her unique bond with a cute dragon named Pix, making her the first-ever dragon trainer. This friendship defines her role and connection in a world where dragons are both feared and revered.

What sets Dragon Trainer Lulu apart in terms of design and aesthetics?

The skin features Lulu dressed in ornate robes with a whimsical purple hat, maintaining her yordle charm while embodying magic and fashion. Her companion Pix, the baby dragon, is also exceptionally detailed. Abilities and auto-attacks are enhanced with enchanting new particles.

What are the unique features and animations of Dragon Trainer Lulu?

The skin introduces delightful animations, including Pix’s emotes, Glitterlance animations, and death sequences. Lulu can even ride Pix during her ‘W’ ability cast, offering an engaging gameplay experience that feels like a magical journey.

How can players obtain the Dragon Trainer Lulu skin in 2023?

The skin can be directly purchased from the Riot store for 1250 RP. Additionally, websites like Smurfmania.com offer accounts with the coveted Dragon Trainer Lulu skin for those interested.

What is the general feedback from players about the Dragon Trainer Lulu skin?

Players generally praise the skin’s intricate design, unique animations, engaging effects, and stunning splash art. While opinions on minor improvements vary, the skin is well-received by Lulu enthusiasts, with many considering it a must-buy.