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Dragonslayer Braum – skin released on May 11, 2014. He shares his line with skins such as:

– Sugar Rush Braum
– Mafia Braum
– Braum Lionheart
– Santa Braum
– El Tigre Braum

Dragonslayer Braum – this skin represents Braum in the image of a mighty warrior, dragon hunter. Its history began a long time ago, when hundreds of years ago the clan of mighty warriors defended the world from the threat of dragons. They won a hard victory and the dragons left this world, but as it turned out for a while. Years passed, and all the warriors had already died of old age, but also the dragons returned. Only Braum was able to hold his incredible shield and he was the only one able to prevent an impending threat. On splash art, he is depicted during a tough fight with dragons. Around Braum everything is covered with fire and lava and he exposed his fire shield. Dragonslayer Braum is dressed in red armor decorated with fur, as well as a beautiful shield that is unlike any other. The shield is made in the shape of a dragon’s head and is made of steel. His eyes and mouth constantly glow with a fiery light, and his shield spits out fireballs. Thus, the shield serves as both a defense and a deadly weapon.

Riot also added new particles for Braum and his shield, and new animations were added for recall and jokes. So, particles now represent a red fiery glow. The shield shines on them, and during an auto-attack and when using abilities, Dragonslayer Braum releases these fiery particles at opponents. Also during the recall, Dragonslayer Braum spins his shield and raises it above his head. Perhaps this symbolizes protection from dragons that attack from the air. Sounds for auto-attack, abilities and recall have also been updated.

How to get Dragonslayer Braum in 2020?
Dragonslayer Braum is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. Its cost is only 975 RP, so hurry up faster. Skin will appeal to fans of the dragon theme, as well as Dragon World skins.

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