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Dragonslayer Braum is a skin released on May 11, 2014. He shares his line with skins such as:

-Sugar Rush Braum

-Mafia Braum

-Braum Lionheart

-Santa Braum

-El Tigre Braum

In this skin, Braum is represented as a mighty warrior, a dragon hunter. Its story began a long time ago, when hundreds of years ago a clan of warriors stood up to protect the world, saving it from the threat of terrible monsters. They won the victory with difficulty and the fire-breathing creatures left this world, but as it turned out for a while. Years have passed and almost all dragonslayers have already died of old age, but dragons have returned as well. Only Braum remained able to hold the weapon and, the only one who can prevent the impending danger. In splash art, he is depicted during a difficult battle. Around Braum, everything is covered in fire and lava, while he exhibited his fire protection. Braum wears red armor adorned with fur and a beautiful shield like no other. It is made of steel and executed in the form of a dragon’s head, whose eyes are constantly shining with fiery light, and the mouth spits out balls of fire. Thus, the shield serves as both a protection and a deadly weapon.

Riot also added new particles for Braum and his shield, and added new animations for feedback and jokes. Thus, the particles are now a red fiery glow. His weapon glows with it, and during auto-attack and when using abilities Braum releases these fiery particles at opponents. Also during the recall, Dragonslayer Braum unwinds his shield and raises it above his head. Perhaps this symbolizes what dragons are usually from the air. Sounds for all moves and abilities have also been updated.

How to get Dragonslayer Braum in 2022?

Dragonslayer Braum is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it from the play store at any convenient time. Its cost is only 975 RP, so hurry up. The skin will definitely appeal to fans of Dragon World skins.

Without a doubt, Dragonslayer Braum is an unimaginative skin. It takes the wide warrior and adds a veiled dragon pattern to boost the quantity of armour. A shield with a giant dragon head is put on top of it, giving us a dragon-warrior in addition to the crimson particles and quiet noises. That’s not to suggest the aesthetic is awful; everything works nicely together: the shield and the fire particles successfully communicate fire-breathing. As a result, the look is distinctive and even charming. In the end, Dragonslayer is a Braum skin for Braum enthusiasts. They will find it to be a pleasant option with a unique style and appealing pictures.


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