El Tigre Braum – skin released on January 21, 2015. He shares his line with skins such as:

– Sugar Rush Braum
– Mafia Braum
– Braum Lionheart
– Santa Braum
– Dragonslayer Braum

El Tigre Braum is the image of an incredible wrestler, nicknamed El Tigre. He is a strong warrior and a favorite of the public. when El Tigre strikes and roars, the stadiums rejoice. In a cell, Braum is capable of destroying any, even the largest enemy. Splash art shows us Braum, who climbed the ropes and is preparing for a crushing jump. The light of the spotlights illuminates it and it is evident that El Tigre is enjoying the glory at this moment. He has prepared his chair and is ready to strike! Braum is dressed in a gray wrestler suit, and on his face he wears a tiger mask. He is armed with a folded chair, which is covered with barbed wire. His opponent will definitely not be good! El Tigre Braum also wears a gold champion belt with a tiger face. He is accompanied by a small creature with a mustache, which looks like a tiger and looks like a mascot. It appears next to El Tigre during the wait and recall animation.

In addition to the skin model, the developers also updated particles and animations. So for the auto-attack and abilities were made gold particles that reveal the style of the skin. Riot also created a very interesting animation for the recall. Braum first places its chair on which the mascot creature jumps. After that, he climbs into a special corner of the ring and jumps off him into a chair. At the last moment, the talisman dodges and El Tigre breaks the chair. This scene shows us one of the famous wrestling techniques and looks incredibly cool.

How to get El Tigre Braum in 2022?
El Tigre Braum is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase a skin in the game store at any convenient time. It can be bought for 1350 RP, which is a great price for such a colorful skin. It is intended for fans and just lovers of wrestling, as well as Mexican themed skins.

Regarding El Tigre Braum, one must approach the situation with a sense of fun. While the skin isn’t downright amusing, it does draw significantly on Braum’s jovial demeanour. This also looks to be a caution that the notion is being forced into place rather than incorporated. To begin with, the ensemble is expressive yet uninspiring. Even without the tiger components that the name and subject indicate, it appears mundane and uninteresting. The shield-chair is clearly ineffective. It’s not just absurd, but it also lacks the same gravitas as his big shield. The costumed poro appears to be far too little an addition to compensate for such fundamental flaws. Finally, El Tigre Braum is a wonderful skin with a lovely aesthetic that incorporates Braum’s vibrant personality into the wrestling realm.

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