Elderwood Bard – skin released March 12, 2015. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Snow Day Bard
-Bard Bard
They say that the sounds of the forest sometimes resemble a beautiful tune, and it seems clear who performs it. Elderwood Bard is the true spirit of the forest, and probably the oldest of magical creatures. Since the beginning of time, at the time of the birth of the first trees, from tiny seeds, it has been protecting nature. It is possible that his beautiful music even helps to live and develop all the assets of a mighty forest. Splash art shows us Elderwood Bard standing on a huge ancient tree. An incredible life is blooming around, small mushrooms grow and dozens of meeps fly. Well, much of the merit of the Bard. He himself is made entirely of wood and is a huge humanoid plant, also believes in the spirit of the forest. Bard is wearing a blue robe decorated with various symbols of purple. His beard is also very unusual and consists of leaves, and on the head of Bard there are two horns, which makes his image a little wild. And of course, the Elderwood Bard pipe, now glows brightly and looks truly magical. The face is very small and is compressed by the beard and hood. Sometimes it seems like it only consists of this strange glowing eyepiece. The visual style of the skin conveys the spirit of a living and magical forest, which is simply beautiful. Meeps also received model changes and became wooden. They help to develop his special style more than provide their own special image. These little creatures depict a magical symbol, which is laced with bright blue light.

Riot also updated particles for abilities and auto-attacks, as well as added new recall animations. During the recall, Elderwood Bard begins to dance, some kind of witching dance that looks bewitching. Meeps joyfully run around, after which they jump onto his pipe. Also, while using the Tempered Fade ability, Bard creates a sparkling ring from which dozens of small lights appear. They look like fireflies and bounce around Elderwood Bard and his adversary. Soft light is beautiful, but at the same time destructive for the enemies of the Bard. The portal also matches the Elderwood Bard, combining the hero’s colors and forest plants as part of the design.

How to get Elderwood Bard in 2022?
It is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. It costs only 975, and this is a really good price for such an incredible skin. This skin is for lovers of magical creatures and Elderwood themes.

Overall, Elderwood Bard is a skin with some dazzling characteristics, but it may also seem boring and bland, despite the intriguing theme. In some ways, it feels like a recolor, while in others, it completely changes the vibe of Bard. The skin of Elderwood Bard is nice, yet it has apparent flaws. The design is inconsistent since it catches the topic nicely in some sections while yet appearing to be a basic re-color in others. Finally, it’s a skin with an appealing aesthetic style based on an appealing topic that isn’t applied as well as it might be. It’s not a horrible alternative for lovers of the Wandering Caretaker, but there are some concerns.

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