Emumu – on August 2, 2010, League of Legends’ most popular skin, Emumu, was made available for purchase in the game’s official Riot Games shop. What’s the Latest Development?

This skin for Amumu has been redesigned in the Emo aesthetic, which was popular among today’s young (I think many of you have already guessed this by the name and appearance of the skin). The ribbons of his bandages are now dark blue, and an emo-fringe, a defining external feature of this subculture, flaunts on his head. He has a long black and purple hairdo that falls over one eye. Emumu wears mascara to accentuate their expressiveness and emotionality. Since Amumu always tears, Emo theme is wonderfully fitting for him, and many fans of the game quickly adored this skin.

Riot Games did not add new particles, animations or sound effects, which is normal for skins of that period, the developers started to make such improvements elsewhere later, after a few years. Emumu is part of the same concept as Goth Annie, they have become a terrific duo and both are excellent for lovers of subcultures and merely for fans of League of Legends.

In 2022, how can I get Emumu?

Our shop has an account that already contains Emumu and many more rare skins for a fantastic price, as well as rapid shipping with a lifetime guarantee, so you can get your hands on one now. Having a level 30 or above account will enable you to access all of the game’s features right away! There were occasions in the past when Riot would abruptly take one of their skins from sale and the price on Ebay and third-party sites would spike. As a result, we recommend that you postpone your purchase!

The greatest thing you can do when your friends fail you is starting a rock band inspired by your worst fears.
If you’re wondering, Emumu’s a Regular skin, which means you can purchase it whenever you want from the in-game store.
Is it a good investment? – This skin may not be worth your money if you aren’t sure. Please be aware that this skin is now available for testing on the Public Beta Environment server at any time. Once you’ve gained access to the PBE server, you’ll be able to purchase and try out any skin you choose.

A tee shirt and a pair of fingerless gloves are all that are required to complete the Emumu costume, which just requires a few strands of hair and a tee shirt. The hair has been dyed and curled, the tee shirt has been printed, and the bandages have been darkened a little bit more than they were originally. Although it seems that the fastest and most inconvenient route was used to give the conceptualization, this appears to be the case. The result is that although Emumu has come up with a wonderful and fitting concept, the execution of that concept falls short in every manner.

At the moment, Emumu is available for purchase in the official store for 520 RP, but you can also buy an account that already has this and many other rare skins in our store at a great price, with instant delivery and a lifetime warranty. This account will have a level of 30 or higher, which will immediately allow you to enjoy the full variety of the game! It used to happen that Riot suddenly removed the skin from the sale and it became incredibly rare, and its price on Ebay and third-party sites skyrocketed to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars. So, we advise you to delay buying!

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