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Emumu is a regular skin in the most popular MOBA game of all time League of Legends, this skin was released on August 2, 2010, then it could be bought directly in the official Riot Games store.

What’s New?
This skin for Amumu received a new model in the style of Emo, a popular youth movement in those days (I think many of you have already guessed this by the name and appearance of the skin). The ribbons of his bandages are now dark blue, and an emo-fringe, a characteristic external feature of this subculture, flaunts on his head. His black and purple hairstyle hangs over his face, covering one eye. Emumu uses mascara to emphasize their expressiveness and emotionality. Since Amumu constantly cries, Emo theme is incredibly suitable for him, and many fans of the game immediately liked this skin.
Riot Games did not add new particles, animations or sound effects, which is typical for skins of that era, the developers began to make such changes everywhere later, after a few years. Emumu is part of the same theme with Goth Annie, they have become a great couple and both are great for fans of subcultures and just for fans of League of Legends.

How to Get Emumu in 2020?
At the moment, Emumu is available for purchase in the official store for 520 RP, but you can also buy an account that already has this and many other rare skins in our store at a great price, with instant delivery and a lifetime warranty. This account will have a level of 30 or higher, which will immediately allow you to enjoy the full variety of the game! It used to happen that Riot suddenly removed the skin from the sale and it became incredibly rare, and its price on Ebay and third-party sites skyrocketed to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars. So, we advise you to delay buying!
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