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Enduring Sword Talon

Rarity: Epic

Price: 1350 Riot Points

Release Date: September 04, 2018

Concept: Talon as an Immortal Wandering Warrior

Model: A new model and texture, with a wonderful light blue cloak and hair. And that face, sigh.

Particles: New spell VFX-graceful and beautiful blue shades.

Animations: A new recall animation – Homecoming with your swords in a bright but meditative style.

Sounds: New SFX – let your enemies hear the ringing of murderous blades

Is it possible to buy Enduring Sword Talon in the game? Yes!

“An arrogant dragon king of the southern seas, Talon accepted the challenge of the demigoddess Irelia to a duel, but was defeated in his own throne room. Humiliated, he attacked her … and she sealed his strength in his blade, setting before him the task of finding a new target in the mortal world. ”
Enduring Sword Talon’s metamorphosis into a sword master elevates the Blade’s Shadow ability with swords to a new level. As a result, the fact that he is wielding a sword in his hand jumps out. The clothing is particularly notable and pleasant, with light blue tones and a subtle degradé to dark blue. His cape, which has circular ornamentation and golden points, is highly beautiful and elegant, adding to the skin’s light, stylized appearance. The cape may resemble feathers in a painting, indicating a concentration on style. Overall, Enduring Sword Talon introduces some fascinating new elements to the Blade’s Shadow adaption, making it seem fresh.

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