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Eternum Cassiopeia – skin released on September 20, 2017. He shares his line with skins such as:
– Desperada Cassiopeia
– Siren Cassiopeia
– Mythic Cassiopeia
– Jade Fang Cassiopeia

The future of life in the universe belongs to organic metal. The strength and power of Eternum Cassiopeia is a clear confirmation of this. In a world populated by alien machines, Cassiopeia stands out. Yes, it didn’t seem to you, aliens robots rule the world and we can say that organic metal has become a new stage in evolution. Cassiopeia has a flexible, snake-like shape and seems to glide over the surface. On splash art, she is depicted during a battle, probably with other life forms. Her image looks majestic and inspires fear. The entire body of Cassiopeia is covered with shiny metal plates, and the skin itself is bright pink. This color palette looks really exciting and will highlight this skin among the rest. As already said, organic armor is built into the body of Eternum Cassiopeia, which gives its mistress incredible protection. On her head you can see a mysterious alien stone, red, which allows Cassiopeia to destroy all enemies in its path.

Riot also updated all the particles for attack and abilities. So, Eternum Cassiopeia releases particles of bright red and violet particles into opponents of particles, which undoubtedly emphasize its image. Particles are very well drawn and have cosmic motives, and also include discharges of alien electricity. The recall animation has also been updated and looks interesting. First, a small animal covered with fur appears in front of Cassiopeia. She picks it up and, using rays from her eyes, transforms it, replacing its flesh with organic metal. Noxious Blast is nothing more than a ball of energy that rotates on the surface and then explodes. Twin Fang looks as usual, except for the purple and red fangs. Miasma’s ability is a huge red cloud of some kind of poisonous gas, which is accompanied by bright electrical discharges that surround the enemy. Petrifying Gaze simply freezes the enemy, enveloping him with a pink force field. After a short time, it dissolves, leaving behind all the same discharges of electricity.

League of legends provides every player to come out as uniquely as possible with the help of the multiple arrays of skins that the game has outlined for them. The Eternum Cassiopeia happens to be one of them, for someone who wants to look completely unique and bring out their own personal element to the arena this is the skin to go for. In a world that is overrun by alien sentiment and machines have taken over Eternum Cassiopeia definitely is humble and tries her best to build a connection with human beings out there. Once she has built one with you she will go to all sorts of lengths to protect you against the enemies.

How to get Eternum Cassiopeia in 2022?

Eternum Cassiopeia is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 1350 RP, which is quite a bit, given the elaboration and beautiful visual style of the skin. Also, the skin is an integral part of the Eternum theme.

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