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Exiled Morgana Review

The Exiled Morgana skin is a super cool and rare outfit for the awesome champion, Morgana, in the famous game League of Legends. It came out on May 31, 2010, and it’s one of those special skins that you can only get during special events or when they bring back the old skins. It costs 975 RP, and it totally changes how Morgana looks. In this article, we’re gonna talk about the story, design, sounds, animations, and other cool things about the Exiled Morgana skin.


In the world of League of Legends, the Exiled Morgana skin shows Morgana as a spirit who got kicked out of her tribe a long time ago. She’s got this burning desire for revenge against the people who betrayed her and their descendants. She’s been planning and waiting for centuries to get back at them. Every winter brings her closer to her goal, and it all leads to this epic battle where her tribe and her sister, Kayle, go down.

Concept and Inspiration

The Exiled Morgana skin is all about showing important moments from Morgana’s past. This skin gives us a look at Morgana right after she got kicked out of Heaven. She’s like this angelic being, wearing her holy clothes, and her hair is all fancy with dreadlocks. The designers wanted to capture how she changed from a heavenly creature to a warrior seeking redemption.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

The Exiled Morgana skin has a really cool visual design. Her wings, which are usually pure white with a hint of lilac, are now covered in blood. They start white and fade into a dark crimson color, making her look kinda scary and demonic. Her eyes have this smeared mascara look that gives her a creepy and otherworldly vibe.

She’s wearing gold and crimson robes with fur and cloth, all fancy and battle-ready. The colors match perfectly and make her abilities and theme stand out.

The best part is the visual effects on her spells. They all have this fiery energy that makes them look super intense and awesome. It’s a small change, but it really makes you feel like you’re controlling this fallen holy warrior on the battlefield.

Oh, and her recall animation is really cool too. When she recalls, this holy light comes down and her wings break free as she goes up. It’s angelic, but her face and expression show that she’s about to go on a dark path.

And let’s not forget about the splash art for Exiled Morgana. It’s amazing! It shows Morgana and her sister, Kayle, locked in an epic fight. Feathers are flying everywhere as they clash swords and spells. It’s a powerful image of Morgana’s fall from grace.

Unique Features

  • Bloody Wings: Morgana’s wings are soaked in blood, starting white and turning dark crimson.
  • Creepy Stare: Her eyes have smeared mascara, giving her a demonic and scary look.
  • Royal Outfit: She’s wearing fancy gold and crimson robes with cool stitching and gold plates.
  • Fiery Spells: All of Morgana’s spells have fiery effects, making them look even more awesome.
  • Epic Recall Animation: When she recalls, a holy light shines down, and her wings break free as she goes up, hinting at her transformation and what’s to come.
  • Amazing Splash Art: The skin’s splash art shows an intense battle between Morgana and Kayle, capturing Morgana’s fall from grace.

Obtainability in 2023

Keep in mind that the Exiled Morgana skin is pretty rare and can only be obtained during specific events or when the legacy vault is opened. But if you really want to add it to your collection, you can try getting it from Smurfmania.com. They’re a legit online shop for League of Legends skins.

The Exiled Morgana skin is a big deal among collectors and hardcore Morgana fans. It’s super cool and unique, and it’ll make you stand out when you’re playing the game.

Gamers Feedback

LoL community love this skin.

“I got Inquisitor Kayle and exiled morgana from chests in the last year, and they’ve become one of the best skins. So happy about that.”

“Such an improvement with only recolors. Shame cant say the same about the Kayle skins.”

“Good job Riot now its one of her best.”

My Feedback

As a big LoL and Morgana fan, I’ve got the Exiled Morgana skin, and I want to say, it looks awesome in my inventory. The angelic style is on point, and the concept is really cool. Just check out those badass bloody wings with the elegant skirt and blonde hair. And the yellow auto-attacks? They’re a cool nod to her divine magic.

When I play as Morgana with the Exiled skin, it feels like I’m really in the game. The special effects and fiery energy in her spells make the gameplay more intense. Every ability feels powerful, like I’m controlling a fallen angel on a mission for redemption.

But I gotta admit, the price for the Exiled Morgana skin is a bit high for what you get. There are other skins in the same price range that offer better quality and more visual and audio updates. It’s a shame because if it were more reasonably priced, it would be a fantastic addition for any Morgana lover.

That being said, if you’re a die-hard Morgana fan who’s willing to spend a lot for the exclusivity and the unique theme of the Exiled skin, I definitely recommend it. The skin captures Morgana’s story and presents her in a visually stunning way. But if you want the best value for your RP, you might want to consider other skins in the same price range that offer more updates.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, the Exiled Morgana skin looks amazing and tells the story of the fallen angel really well. With its cool features like the bloody wings, fancy outfit, and fiery spells, it shows her transformation from a heavenly being to a badass warrior seeking redemption.

But let’s be real, 975 RP is kinda steep for what you get. It’s a nice skin for Morgana fans, but there are other skins in the same price range that offer more updates and better quality. Considering everything, I’d give the Exiled Morgana skin a 7 out of 10. It captures Morgana’s lore and gives a unique visual experience, but the price might turn some players away who want more value for their RP.


When was the Exiled Morgana skin released?

The Exiled Morgana skin was released on May 31, 2010.

How can I obtain the Exiled Morgana skin?

The Exiled Morgana skin can be obtained during special events or when the vault is opened. It may also be available for purchase from online shops that sell League of Legends skins.

What is the theme of the Exiled Morgana skin?

The Exiled Morgana skin showcases Morgana as a spirit who was exiled from her tribe and seeks revenge against those who betrayed her and their descendants.

What are the unique features of the Exiled Morgana skin?

The Exiled Morgana skin features bloody wings that transition from white to dark crimson, a creepy stare with smeared mascara, a royal outfit of gold and crimson robes, fiery spell effects, and an epic recall animation.

How would you rate the Exiled Morgana skin?

The Exiled Morgana skin provides a visually stunning representation of Morgana’s story, but some players may find the price of 975 RP to be high for the updates and quality it offers. It receives a rating of 7 out of 10.