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Firecracker Jinx Review

Welcome to the exciting world of League of Legends! Today, we’re going to take a closer look at one of the most explosive skins in the game – Firecracker Jinx! This epic skin was released on February 10, 2015, just in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year. With its dragon-styled fireworks theme, Firecracker Jinx has been setting the Summoner’s Rift ablaze with her vibrant design and captivating particle effects. So, let’s dive into the lore and discover the inspiration behind this explosive skin!


Jinx, the manic mischief-maker, always loves a challenge. For the Lunar Revel celebration, she took it upon herself to craft a larger-than-life rocket that looks like an enraged dragon. While she claims it’s just a fun firecracker for parties, don’t let her fool you – it’s anything but harmless! With Firecracker Jinx, the battlefield becomes her canvas, and she paints it with fiery mayhem, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. Embrace the spirit of chaos and revelry as you step into the shoes of this dragon-styled fireworks expert.

Concept and Inspiration

The inspiration for Firecracker Jinx comes from the creative mind of a Reddit user named Anti-Pioneer. This spectacular skin was designed to commemorate the Chinese New Year in 2015, coming out just nine days before the festive occasion. In the splash art, we see Jinx perched atop a majestic golden dragon, adorned in traditional Chinese attire, with her dragon-themed rocket launcher and minigun by her side. This combination of vibrant colors, mythical dragons, and the Lunar New Year’s spirit makes Firecracker Jinx a skin to behold.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Firecracker Jinx brings a host of design changes, starting with new models for Jinx herself, as well as her trusty rocket launcher, Fishbones, her minigun, Pow-Pow, and her shock gun, Zapper. Each weapon now embodies the essence of a traditional Chinese dragon, perfectly aligned with the theme.

In addition to the stunning models, the skin introduces new particle effects for her abilities and auto-attacks. Her missiles and projectiles now explode like festive Chinese firecrackers, adding a delightful touch of celebration to every shot. Moreover, her chompers have transformed into adorable golden dragon heads, ready to ensnare her enemies in their fiery grip.

Firecracker Jinx also showcases a new recall animation, where she launches dazzling fireworks from her rocket launcher before teleporting back to base. These animations, combined with the sounds of popping fireworks accompanying her auto-attacks and abilities, create an immersive experience that truly sets this skin apart.

Unique Features

  • Dragon-styled models for Jinx and her weapons, capturing the essence of Chinese New Year.
  • Festive Chinese firecracker particles for abilities and auto-attacks, adding a touch of celebration.
  • Adorable golden dragon head chompers, ready to trap unsuspecting foes.
  • Captivating recall animation with mesmerizing fireworks display.
  • A burst of firework sounds accompanying auto-attacks and abilities, immersing players in the festivities.

Obtainability in 2023

As of 2023, you can get your hands on the sizzling Firecracker Jinx skin for 1350 Riot Points at the Riot store. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an even more convenient option, you can find accounts with this fantastic skin available for purchase on

Gamers Feedback

The general consensus among LoL players is that the design and theme of the Firecracker Jinx skin are visually appealing and fitting.

“I’m not gonna lie, I love this skin. Everyone complains about it, good for me. Less people will have it so it’s rarity will grow.”

“Am I the only one who actually loves this skin? I know its not what most wanted, but seems pretty good for me”

“Thank you Riot! This skin looks amazing. Jinx is my main adc and she’ll defiantly be using this skin.”

My Feedback

In my view, the design and theme of the Firecracker Jinx skin are visually appealing and fitting. The color scheme, explosions, and cell-shaded visuals have impressed me, and I appreciate the attention to detail, such as the long socks and boots, which add to the skin’s charm. One of the standout features of the Firecracker Jinx skin is its particle effects, which I find creative and unique. The rocket launcher effects remind me of the art style in Wind Waker, which I adore. However, I wish there were more animations, such as a new dance or passive animation, to fully justify the skin’s price.

Conclusion and Rating

 In conclusion, the Firecracker Jinx skin has sparked excitement and debate within the League of Legends community, including myself. Its vibrant design and captivating particle effects have won me over, but I also acknowledge the concerns regarding its pricing and lack of additional animations. Despite these varying viewpoints, I find Firecracker Jinx to be a visually stunning skin that adds an explosive touch to the beloved champion. With its celebration of New Year’s Eve and Jinx’s fiery personality, Firecracker Jinx offers a unique and engaging experience for players who are eager to embrace the festive spirit on the Summoner’s Rift.

I give this skin a rating of 7 out of 10. Firecracker Jinx delivers an explosive experience that is sure to delight fans of the chaotic champion. If you’re a Jinx enthusiast or simply love fireworks and dragons, this skin is a must-have addition to your collection. So, hop onto the Rift, light up the sky, and let the mayhem begin with Firecracker Jinx!


What is the inspiration behind the Firecracker Jinx skin?

The inspiration for Firecracker Jinx comes from the Chinese New Year celebration. Jinx crafted a dragon-styled rocket that paints the battlefield with fiery mayhem.

What are the unique features of the Firecracker Jinx skin?

The skin features dragon-styled models for Jinx and her weapons, festive Chinese firecracker particles for abilities and attacks, adorable golden dragon head chompers, captivating recall animation with fireworks, and firework sounds accompanying her actions.

How can I obtain the Firecracker Jinx skin in 2023?

In 2023, you can purchase the Firecracker Jinx skin for 1350 RP at the Riot store or find accounts with the skin available for purchase on

What are the strengths of the Firecracker Jinx skin design?

The skin has visually appealing and fitting designs, impressive color schemes, unique particle effects, and attention to detail, such as Jinx’s long socks and boots.

What rating does the Firecracker Jinx skin receive?

The skin receives a rating of 7 out of 10 for its visually stunning and explosive design, but some players feel that additional animations could further justify the skin’s price.