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French Maid Nidalee Review

Hey there, fellow League of Legends adventurers! Today, we’re diving into the world of skins, specifically the quirky and captivating French Maid Nidalee, which was released on June 23, 2010. If you’re a dedicated Nidalee fan like me, or just someone curious about spicing up your champion’s look, stick around. We’re about to unravel the charm and essence of this unique skin, so let’s jump right in!


In the bustling realm of Summoner’s Rift, the enigmatic Nidalee dons an unexpected persona – that of a French maid! Is she cleaning up the messes of battle or adding a dash of playful mischief? While her intentions might remain a mystery, one thing is clear: crossing paths with this cunning huntress won’t be a walk in the park. As players, we’re left to ponder if her presence is making the rift cleaner or, well, a tad more chaotic.

Concept and Inspiration

Imagine Nidalee as a classic French maid, wielding her javelin with the finesse of a true warrior. And when she transforms into her cougar form, it’s as if she morphs into a spoiled house cat with a hint of mischievousness. This blend of elegance and unpredictability sets the stage for a skin that’s both intriguing and refreshingly different from the norm.

Design, Sound Effects and Animations


When it comes to the design, Riot has nailed the sweet spot. In her human form, French Maid Nidalee’s attire strikes a balance between allure and modesty. The uniform’s tasteful details and lack of high heels offer a touch of realism that’s often missed in other skins. And her javelin-duster combo? A playful twist that hits the mark!

Transitioning to her cougar form, the subtlety continues. While her bib and fur color change might seem small, they maintain the essence of a domestic feline. Though I must admit, I miss the tusks – they added a unique touch. Unfortunately, there are no new particles, animations, or sounds accompanying this transformation, but the overall aesthetic still shines.

Unique Features

Continuing from where we left off, what sets French Maid Nidalee apart is her ability to remain suggestive without crossing into the realm of absurdity. Her forms exude contrasting vibes: a captivating human form and a sly, charming cougar. It’s a visual upgrade that truly enhances the champion, making her a must-consider option in your skin collection.

Obtainability in 2023

As of 2023, getting your hands on the French Maid Nidalee skin isn’t as straightforward as a trip to the Riot store. This delightful legacy skin has been tucked away in the Legacy Vault. But fear not! If you’re yearning to embrace the charm of the French Maid Nidalee, you can snag an account sporting this skin over at

Gamers Feedback

The French Maid Nidalee skin has gained appreciation within LoL community for its improved visuals and thematic design, with players highlighting its unique aesthetic among Nidalee’s skins. However, there’s a consensus regarding the disparity between the splash art and in-game appearance, prompting a desire for an accurate portrayal. Opinions on the dance animation vary, with some players finding it fitting and others discussing potential controversies.

“Nid’s dance absolutely fits her character.”

“Did I mention its mating season?’ That’s it. Im buying Nidalee.”

“Katarina’s Christmas skin is Christmas themed and as such should be Christmas related, not scandalous. Nidalee, however, is a wild jungle predator girl with a pole, self-explanatory why her dance can still be in the game.”

“Removed Kata’s dance but doesn’t remove Nidalee’s dance. Riot Logic”

My Feedback

Now, let’s chat about my take on this skin. The visual upgrades are certainly the highlight for me. Nidalee’s dual forms receive a fresh perspective, breathing life into both her human and cougar sides. However, a slight hiccup emerges when we compare the splash art to the in-game appearance. The gap between the two can be a tad frustrating for folks like me who cherish accuracy and consistency in their gaming experience.

Conclusion and Rating

In a nutshell, the French Maid Nidalee skin offers a unique flavor to an already mesmerizing champion. It’s a thematic masterpiece that’s bound to catch your eye if you’re a Nidalee enthusiast. Compared to her other skins, this one stands out with its sleek, slim aesthetic, earning it a solid 7 out of 10 in my book.

So there you have it, gamers! If Nidalee is your jam, the French Maid Nidalee skin is worth considering. With its alluring charm and captivating design, it’s a surefire way to add a splash of excitement to your League of Legends adventures. Play on, summoners!


What is the concept behind the French Maid Nidalee skin?

The French Maid Nidalee skin transforms the huntress into a classic French maid, combining elegance with unpredictability. In her human form, she wields a javelin-duster combo, while in her cougar form, she takes on the essence of a mischievous house cat.

How does the skin’s design and aesthetic stand out?

The skin’s design strikes a balance between allure and modesty, with tasteful details and realistic touches. While transitioning to her cougar form, subtle changes in fur color and a bib maintain the essence of a domestic feline.

Does French Maid Nidalee have any unique features?

Yes, the skin remains suggestive without crossing into absurdity, with contrasting vibes in her human and cougar forms. This visual upgrade enhances Nidalee’s appeal, making it a standout option in your skin collection.

Is the French Maid Nidalee skin still obtainable in 2023?

The skin is currently considered a legacy skin and has been placed in the Legacy Vault by Riot Games. However, players can still find accounts with the skin available for purchase from third-party websites like

What are players’ opinions and feedback about the skin?

Players appreciate the skin’s improved visuals and thematic design. Some note a disparity between the splash art and in-game appearance. Opinions on the dance animation vary, with discussions around its fitting nature and potential controversies.