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Full Metal Pantheon Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! Today, we’re diving into the electrifying world of League of Legends and delving deep into the metallic marvel that is the Full Metal Pantheon skin. This skin was released on July 31, 2011. If you’re all about that epic warrior vibe and futuristic flair, you’re in for a treat. Strap in as we break down the lore, design, sound effects, animations, and everything you need to know about this skin that’s got gamers buzzing.


Once a heavyweight champion of the Full Metal Robot Fighting League, Pantheon’s story took a tumble when a scandal involving Targon Fabrications forced him into early retirement. But this warrior is far from done. Rising from the ashes and stepping back into the spotlight, Pantheon’s thirst for revenge fuels his mechanical might as he gears up to face his nemesis, Jayce. Battle-worn but not beaten, Pantheon’s weapon systems hum with the promise of vengeance – a story that adds layers to his metallic persona.

Concept and Inspiration

Imagine Pantheon, the warrior, but made of pure metal. Yeah, you heard it right! Riot drew inspiration from the sheer awesomeness of merging the raw power of Pantheon with a futuristic, robotic edge. Think Iron Man and Ultron vibes – those iconic characters who’ve left an indelible mark on pop culture. Riot’s wizards conjured up a version of Pantheon that embodies strength, resilience, and that futuristic “cool factor.”

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

When it comes to design, Riot didn’t hold back. The Full Metal Pantheon skin comes swinging with a new model for Pantheon and his trusty weapons. Picture intricate details etched into his armor, made up of countless small parts that add depth to his metallic magnificence. His signature shield boasts a blue energy beam at its heart, flanked by a striking blue crest. The inclusion of a vibrant red cape is a nostalgic nod to Pantheon’s roots. The blue particle effects and the slick robotic helmet make this skin stand out in a crowd of Greek-inspired looks – it’s like the metal incarnation of your wildest champion dreams.

And don’t even get me started on the splash art! Pantheon takes center stage in an otherworldly space stadium, engaged in an intense brawl that’ll give Thor vs. Hulk a run for its money. It’s a visual spectacle that captures the essence of the skin’s concept.

Unique Features

Now, let’s talk about what sets this skin apart from the pack. The Full Metal Pantheon skin comes packed with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a Riot masterpiece. From its eye-catching design to the attention to detail in every piece of armor, this skin is a treat for the eyes. The blue energy effects and the futuristic helmet add that extra layer of “oomph,” making your gameplay feel like an epic adventure straight out of a sci-fi movie.

But, hey, we’re all about keeping it real, right? While the skin nails the visual vibes, there’s one area that could use a bit more love – the audio experience. That’s where the “Full Metal Jayce” skin comes into play. Remember that unique voice filter that made Jayce’s skin shine? Well, here’s the kicker: the same magic could take the Full Metal Pantheon skin to the next level. Picture this – more metallic sounds during taunts and interactions, enhancing the futuristic and robotic feel. That’s the secret sauce that would truly immerse us in the skin’s captivating universe.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, I know you’re probably itching to snag this incredible skin for yourself. Good news: you can purchase the Full Metal Pantheon skin in the Riot store for 975 RP. And if you’re looking for an even sweeter deal, check out Smurfmania.com – your one-stop shop to grab an account loaded with this awe-inspiring skin.

Gamers Feedback

Summary: The Full Metal Pantheon skin captures attention with its well-rounded visual design, although some reviewers express a desire for more intricate details. LoL players appreciate its thematic ties to iconic characters and the Pulsefire skin line. However, the lack of a voice filter and certain sound effects that align with the skin’s theme are points of contention among the community.

“Well suited, well rounded skin that only lacks blingbling.”

“I hope in the future they will add a voice filter,simmilar to full metal Jayce”

“This skin brings some Real Steel vibes into this game.”

“The sound of his shield while dancing is infuriating tbh.”

My Feedback

Alright, fellow gamers, time for some real talk. I’ve had the pleasure of strapping on the Full Metal Pantheon skin, and let me tell you, it’s a sight to behold. The overall design hits the mark, giving Pantheon that futuristic edge without losing his warrior essence. The blue energy effects are a visual treat, and that robotic helmet? It’s like wearing a piece of the future into battle.

But, hey, I’m not one to shy away from feedback. While the skin does a solid job in the visual department, there’s room for improvement in the audio department. The “Full Metal Jayce” skin set a high bar with its unique voice filter, and I can’t help but wish for a similar treatment here. More metallic sounds, especially during taunts and other interactions, would up the immersive factor and tie in perfectly with the skin’s theme.

Conclusion and Rating

So, there you have it, fellow summoners. The Full Metal Pantheon skin is a metal masterpiece that embraces the future while staying true to Pantheon’s warrior roots. Its connection to iconic characters like Iron Man and Ultron gives it that extra punch, and the design and visual effects are nothing short of spectacular. Despite its strengths, the skin could benefit from an enhanced audio experience, a la “Full Metal Jayce.”

In the grand scheme of things, I’d give the Full Metal Pantheon skin a solid 7 out of 10. It’s definitely a must-have for Pantheon enthusiasts and anyone looking to channel their inner robotic warrior on the Rift. So, gear up, summoners, and get ready to rock the League with the Full Metal Pantheon skin – a true blend of power, style, and future-forward awesomeness.


What is the lore behind the Full Metal Pantheon skin?

Pantheon was a champion of the Full Metal Robot Fighting League who seeks revenge after a scandal involving Targon Fabrications forced his retirement. He’s now back to face his nemesis, Jayce.

What inspired the design of the Full Metal Pantheon skin?

The skin draws inspiration from merging Pantheon’s raw power with a futuristic, robotic edge, reminiscent of iconic characters like Iron Man and Ultron, capturing strength and futuristic coolness.

What are the standout features of the Full Metal Pantheon skin’s design?

The skin features intricate metal armor details, a blue energy beam at the heart of his shield, a vibrant red cape, and slick robotic helmet. The visual effects and design stand out from traditional Greek-inspired appearances.

How does the audio experience of the skin contribute to its theme?

While visually impressive, some players and reviewers find the audio experience lacking, suggesting that adding more metallic sounds, similar to Full Metal Jayce, would enhance the futuristic and robotic feel.

How can players obtain the Full Metal Pantheon skin and what’s the overall rating?

The skin can be purchased for 975 RP in the Riot store. The skin is praised for its design, visual effects, and thematic connections but receives suggestions for audio improvements. The skin’s overall rating is around 7 out of 10.