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Full Metal Rammus Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! Ever found yourself in awe of the metal mayhem that is Full Metal Rammus? Well, you’re in for a treat because we’re diving headfirst into the gritty world of this electrifying League of Legends skin, which was released on August 15, 2012. From its awe-inspiring design to its ear-shattering sound effects, there’s no denying that Full Metal Rammus is a skin that packs a punch. So, gear up and let’s roll into the details!


Picture this: you’ve made it to the Full Metal Robot fighting League, where metal meets might in the ultimate showdown. And guess who’s the star of the robo-rumble? None other than Full Metal Rammus! According to lore, Every contender-bot faces the trembling might of this fearsome foe, and the arena echoes with the aftershocks of his power. You can practically feel the earth-shaking beneath your feet as you take on the challenge!

Concept and Inspiration

What happens when you fuse the natural might of Rammus with the metallic prowess of a robot? You get Full Metal Rammus, a visual masterpiece that’s sure to catch your eye. This skin brings Rammus into the future, turning him into a metallic marvel complete with spikes that say, “I’m ready to rumble.” Those glowing eyes? They’re not just for show – they’re a glimpse into the electrifying energy that powers this mechanized menace.

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

Riot Games has truly outdone themselves with Full Metal Rammus. They’ve reimagined Rammus from the ground up, crafting a sleek new model that embodies the essence of a robotic warrior. But that’s not all – the new particles that accompany his Powerball, Defensive Ball Curl, and Tremors abilities take the experience to a whole new level. And when you see Rammus in action, you’ll notice his new animations – from his taunt to his auto-attack and even those critical hits, they all bring a fresh vibe to his moves. The cherry on top? The revamped sounds for Powerball and Tremors that resonate through your speakers, immersing you in the metallic symphony of destruction.

Unique Features

Stop right here! You’ve got the lowdown on Full Metal Rammus’s awesome design, sound effects, and animations. But the uniqueness doesn’t stop there. This skin doesn’t just tweak the surface – it transforms Rammus into a cybernetic powerhouse that stands out in every way possible. The sparks that fly as he barrels forward with Powerball, the menacing spikes that send a clear message to foes, and the attention to detail that keeps your eyes glued to the screen – it all comes together to make this skin a true standout.

Obtainability in 2023

Ready to snag this incredible skin? Well, you’re in luck because Full Metal Rammus is up for grabs in the Riot store for a reasonable 975 Riot Points. Looking for a quicker route? How about checking out Smurfmania.com, where you might just find an account with this skin waiting for you? It’s all about rolling in style, my friends!

Gamers Feedback

LoL community widely praise the Full Metal Rammus skin for its exceptional design, unique animations, and attention to detail. Many appreciate its cool and menacing appearance, with its sparks, spikes, and overall visual effects standing out as highlights. While opinions on the pricing and potential gameplay impact vary, the skin’s overall appeal and quality receive strong positive recognition.

“Just bought this skin, it’s freakin awesome. I love it :3”

“Surprised they didnt make this a 1350 skin, since it looks so badass! Best skin for rammus hands down.”

“Whoa. When his Q looks that awesome in use it should give way more damage. Them spikes really looks like they hurt! 😀 Awesome skin.”

“@togebliss”: “REALLY nice skin, I wish Riot would give Rammus some raw stats back. He isn’t really viable, no matter how you put it in 5’s.”

My Feedback

Alright, time for some real talk. As a fellow gamer who’s had the privilege of wielding Full Metal Rammus, let me spill the beans. This skin’s design and animations have me hooked – those visual effects are next-level awesome, and the new animations for Rammus’s abilities? They’ve got me grinning from ear to ear. Playing with this skin feels like flexing your robotic muscles in the League of Legends arena. Sure, opponents might catch wind of your moves, but that just adds to the intimidation factor. This skin’s a total game-changer, both in looks and how it impacts gameplay.

Conclusion and Rating

So, here’s the scoop for all you eager summoners: Full Metal Rammus isn’t your average skin – it’s a game-changer. With its attention to detail, eye-catching sparks, and all-around menacing appearance, it’s a skin that’s impossible to ignore. As a dedicated gamer, I’m giving Full Metal Rammus a solid 8 out of 10 rating. It’s got the looks, the moves, and the attitude to make every match feel like an epic showdown. If you’re a Rammus fan, this skin is an absolute must-have in your collection.

And there you have it, folks – Full Metal Rammus in all its electrifying glory! Get ready to roll into battles with style and power like never before. Remember, in the world of League of Legends, there’s no such thing as “too metal.”


What is the concept behind Full Metal Rammus skin?

The Full Metal Rammus skin fuses Rammus’s natural might with a futuristic robot design, showcasing him as a metallic powerhouse with glowing eyes and menacing spikes.

What are the standout features of Full Metal Rammus skin?

The skin offers a complete visual overhaul with sleek animations, sparking effects during abilities like Powerball, and intricate details that make it a standout in terms of design.

How do players react to Full Metal Rammus skin?

Players generally praise the skin’s exceptional design, animations, and attention to detail. Its menacing appearance, unique visual effects, and spikes receive positive recognition.

Where can I obtain the Full Metal Rammus skin and at what cost?

The Full Metal Rammus skin can be purchased from the Riot store for 975 RP. Alternatively, it might also be available on third-party websites, such as Smurfmania.com.

How does the Full Metal Rammus skin impact gameplay?

The skin doesn’t significantly impact gameplay mechanics, but players enjoy the skin’s design and animations, which enhance the overall experience and make playing as Rammus feel more dynamic and exciting.