Galactic Azir – skin released on September 15, 2014. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Gravelord Azir
-SKT T1 Azir
-Warring Kingdoms Azir

The lord of thousands of stars, Galactic Azir broke through the portal through our world and he is ready to bring an infinite army with him. Having destroyed obstacles, thousands of his soldiers will sweep away everything in their path. Azir himself is clad in space armor that no weapons can penetrate. On splash art, you can just watch the moment of transition. Halfway out of the rift, Azir steered his mighty staff forward, commanding his warriors to attack. You can also see the spears of a copy of Sand Warriors, they are always ready to follow their overlord. The galactic armor of Azir looks impressive. Her palette consists of blue and gold and covers the entire body of its owner. The huge shoulders and other details of his costume symbolize the incredible power that Galactic Azir possesses. The stripes that come from his hands are now blue and translucent. It was also redesigned for its Sun Disc, as well as Sand Warriors. Azir himself, as well as his staff glow in a pleasant blue color, by the way the staff now resembles a huge arrow.

The developers made wonderful textures for Azir, the staff, his warriors, as well as their copies. It is also worth noting the new gray armor for Sand Warriors, which looks impressive. Riot did not forget about animations and particle abilities. So during the recall, Azir simply instantly teleports through a floor fault, which is logical in principle. After teleporting, for a few seconds you can observe beautiful translucent particles and bursts. New particles and sounds have also been added for his auto-attack, Sand Warriors, abilities and death.

How to get Galactic Azir in 2022?

Galactic Azir is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. The skin costs only 975 RP, so it’s worth the haste to buy. The skin partly refers to the Starcraft video game. If you are a fan of her, as well as a fan of the space theme, this skin is for you

The concept of sending the Emperor of the Sands to the heavens is not new, but it is intriguing. The new model makes a nod in that direction, but it doesn’t seem particularly foreign or unusual. In fact, it appears to be a more glamorous and bluer version of his traditional self, with the base exposed below. When it’s all said and done, Galactic Azir is a skin that creates an intriguing new identity for the Emperor of the Sands but doesn’t quite manage to seem otherworldly; the recall may be an exception. Still, it’s a fantastic skin with a lot of appeal for Azir’s followers.

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