God-King Darius – skin released on June 27, 2018. He shares his line with skins such as:

-Lord Darius

-Dreadnova Darius

-Woad King Darius

-Dunkmaster Darius

-Academy Darius

-Bioforge Darius

-High Noon Darius

God-King Darius is an ancient demon of destruction, a harbinger of horror. Its ancestors were the first gods whose names have long been forgotten, largely due to Demacia. He is the killer of gods and kings, who knows no mercy. For God-King Darius, only war matters, which destroys the old world and its values. Only the strongest will rule in the new world, and peace and freedom will be buried forever. The design of the skin is incredible and aesthetic, and therefore worthy of praise. First of all, the dark armor is striking, which is decorated with a huge number of details. Huge shoulder pads stylized as wolves, whose eyes burn. The same stones adorn the chest plate and gloves. The blades of his ax are also made of the same pink material. It is also worth noting the black particles that hang around Darius and give some kind of supernatural. Given these effects, God-King Darius truly appears to be a deity from a dark reality. The blades of his ax are also made of the same pink material.

Riot also added new incredible particles, animations and sounds for God-King Darius. Wolf’s spirit has been added, which Darius calls for, and which looks pretty good. He is dressed in a pink aura and has an animation of interaction with his master. The developers have updated animations for auto-attack, Decimate, Crippling Strike and Noxian Guillotine.

How to get God-King Darius in 2022?

God-King Darius is a legendary skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 1820 RP and if you are a fan of the dark theme or Battle of the God-Kings skins, then this skin is definitely created for you.

It’s designed in a cartoony high fantasy style. God King Darius is a warmongering ruler with a ghostly countenance and recognizable black armour. Thanks for the trails; the look is effective but rather stylized, with ridiculous quantities of adornment on armour plates and a subtle supernatural touch; When everything is said and done, God King Darius appears to be extremely unbalanced. It appears that a skin that wanted to rely on the familiar, had the desire to establish a personality, but one that was left stretched out over the whole range of additions, at times flowing, at others unfocused. Despite this, the skin manages to deliver on its promises, although in an unfocused manner. If you can overlook the inconsistent development of the concept, you’ll find plenty to enjoy.

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