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Headhunter Akali – skin released in 2011. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Silverfang Akali
-Blood Moon Akali
-Sashimi Akali
-K/DA Akal
-Infernal Akali
-True Damage Akali
-Headhunter Akali

The merciless assassin known as Headhunter Akali wields a weapon imbued with the energy of extraterrestrial origin. Her credo is to pursue only adversaries who are deserving and powerful. As a result, she engages in this risky game so that she can judge her own abilities and demonstrate them to others. In the middle of a dangerous fight, Akali always manages to win by surprising her opponent with a blow that is both lightning-fast and unexpected. The wall of this room is covered with trophies that have been collected from across the cosmos. She is a bounty hunter for extraterrestrials. Everyone has said that the image of Akali brings to mind the well-known character Predator, who is a heartless killer in the same movie. It is abundantly clear that a significant amount of effort has been put into developing a visually appealing style for the skin that is both vibrant and engaging. Therefore, on it you can see the futuristic technology armor, and the blades of the armor glow with a bright pink light. You can see a box behind Headhunter Akali, just like you can behind all of the other skins in the series. On the other hand, in this scenario, it is being used to store the head of an alien. Although it is highly likely that he was her order, we cannot be certain of this information.

Riot has made significant alterations to the skin. After being subjected to recycling, the particles took on a shinier and more intriguing appearance. In addition to that, a new recall was added. At this point, Akali tosses her sickle to the ground, performs a pirouette while holding a blade, and then teleports. One of the abilities is unique from the others, and the glowing trails give off a brilliant appearance. As a result, the energy beams in Five Point Strike are depicted as having a red striped pattern.

Threatening extraterrestrial life forms have made their way into the human settlements and communities of the Headhunter universe. It would appear that these animals are capable of withstanding anything that mankind can throw at them… up until the time when a distinct warrior class was created. A Headhunter is not like any other fighting class you’ve seen before. They begin by working by themselves and approaching each task as if it were a hunt. As a result of there being more people, there is a greater chance that mistakes will be made; consequently, every Headhunter is an expert at eliminating high-value targets. These individuals distinguish themselves from standard combatants by making use of high-tech weaponry and equipment. Do not panic if you come across one; unless, of course, you are helping the predators, in which case you should go to sleep. There is no way for any living thing to get away from her trophy wall, which she can attack at any time and from any location.

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