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Heartseeker Lucian Review

Hey, fellow League of Legends gamers! Today, we’re diving into the enchanting world of Heartseeker Lucian, a skin that’s all about romance and daring adventures. So grab your heart-themed pistols and get ready to swoon over this love-struck gunslinger! Released on February 02, 2017, Heartseeker Lucian falls under the Legacy skin category and comes with a price of 1350 RP. This skin brings a whole new look to the dashing Lucian, turning him into a true Heartseeker on Valentine’s Day.


Behind curtain one, we find a dashing man with an adventurous plan – none other than Lucian himself, stepping into the thrilling life of a Heartseeker. His intentions are pure, and he’ll gladly sweep you off your feet, all under the light of lanterns. Get ready to embark on a journey of romance and daring escapades with Heartseeker Lucian!

Concept and Inspiration

Heartseeker Lucian rocks a slick ponytail and a snazzy suit, giving off major cool vibes. Just like Heartseeker Varus, this skin is all about embracing the love and passion of Valentine’s Day. The design is on point, and you can’t help but feel the charm emanating from Lucian’s every move.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

The Heartseeker skin has a lot going for it, and you’ll be falling head over heels with the sweet details. Lucian’s new model and textures are simply mesmerizing, with shimmering VFX adding that extra touch of elegance to his blazer. But it’s not just the appearance; the skin’s particles bring a burst of colorful hearts and falling petals with each spell, making every shot a delight for the eyes.

And let’s not forget the sounds! They’re pure sweetness, with xylophone-like tunes and twinkling noises that’ll make you feel like you’re dancing through a Valentine’s wonderland. Sure, his ultimate ability might feel a bit repetitive, lacking that big impact, but the overall experience is delightful. However, the real showstopper is the recall animation, where Lucian gets ready for a romantic dinner. It’s just too adorable to miss!

The splash art is like stepping into a surreal scene. Picture Lucian surrounded by an unusual car, photographers, and mysterious, possibly automated, servants, all draped in a captivating blue mist. It’s like a hint of the romantic adventures that await you with Heartseeker Lucian.

Unique Features

  • New model and textures with shimmering VFX on his blazer.
  • Heart-themed particles for spells, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.
  • Enchanting sounds, with xylophone-like tunes and twinkling noises.
  • Adorable recall animation, setting the stage for a romantic dinner.

Obtainability in 2023

Sadly, you won’t find Heartseeker Lucian in the in-game shop since it’s locked away in the Legacy Vault. But worry not, because you can still get your hands on this charming skin! How? Well, you can head over to Smurfmania.com and grab an account that comes with Heartseeker Lucian. Now, that’s a sweet deal for all you romantic gamers out there!

Gamers Feedback

LoL community players think the skin doesn’t match the champion‘s lore. But mostly everyone likes Heartseeker Lucian.

When I play Thresh and there’s a Lucian with this skin in my team, I throw the lantern on the empty chair and press the laugh command.

When I play Thresh and there’s a Lucian with this skin in my team, I throw the lantern on the empty chair and press the laugh command.

I appreciate the auto attack animation.

My Feedback

I’ve got to say, Heartseeker Lucian is a real winner in my book! It’s leagues ahead of the Project Lucian skin, with its stunning effects that let you slay foes with pink hearts – it’s practically cherry-tapping, and I love it! Whenever I use this skin, I feel like I’m spreading love while dishing out some serious firepower. Kudos to Riot for crafting a truly romantic skin for Lucian.

Conclusion and Rating

To sum it all up, Heartseeker Lucian is a visual delight that suits the champion perfectly. From the shimmering blazer to the enchanting sounds, it’s a skin that immerses you in the world of romance. However, I can understand that not all players might be equally enthusiastic about it. Some have voiced concerns about how well it aligns with Lucian’s character and lore, given that it diverges from the original storyline.

But for those who appreciate a touch of love and passion in their gameplay, Heartseeker Lucian is a must-have. I’d give this skin a solid 7 out of 10. So, if you adore Lucian and love the idea of wielding heart-themed pistols, go ahead and embrace the Heartseeker experience in League of Legends!


When was Heartseeker Lucian released, and what is its theme?

Heartseeker Lucian was released on February 02, 2017. The skin falls under the Legacy category and embraces a romance and Valentine’s Day theme.

What are the unique features of Heartseeker Lucian?

  • The skin features a new model and textures with shimmering VFX on his blazer.
  • It includes heart-themed particles for spells, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.
  • The enchanting sounds include xylophone-like tunes and twinkling noises.
  • The recall animation depicts Lucian preparing for a romantic dinner.

How can I obtain Heartseeker Lucian in 2023?

  • Heartseeker Lucian is no longer available in the in-game shop as it’s locked in the Legacy Vault.
  • However, players can acquire it by purchasing an account that includes the Heartseeker Lucian skin from platforms like Smurfmania.com.

What’s the player feedback on Heartseeker Lucian?

Players generally praise the skin’s stunning effects and visual appeal, with heart-themed spells and charming sounds. Some players appreciate the romantic theme, while others express concerns about its alignment with Lucian’s character and lore.

What is the overall rating and recommendation for Heartseeker Lucian?

The skin is a visual delight that immerses players in the world of romance and love-themed gameplay. For players who enjoy a touch of passion in their gameplay, Heartseeker Lucian is a recommended must-have skin, with a solid rating of 7 out of 10.