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Heartseeker Orianna Review

Hey there, fellow Summoners! Are you ready to delve into the enchanting world of Heartseeker Orianna? Released on February 11, 2016, this Legacy skin has charmed League of Legends players with its Valentine’s Day theme. So, let’s get started and explore the lovely details of this heartwarming skin!


Orianna, the mechanical girl, was created with a unique purpose – to find and comfort broken hearts. Though she means well, people often misunderstand her intentions, leaving her wondering why they flee from her presence. Despite the challenges, she continues her duties diligently, performing beautiful clockwork dances for those who give her a chance. As Heartseeker Orianna, her heartwarming mission takes on a new romantic dimension, as she seeks to mend hearts during the season of love.

Concept and Inspiration

Following the delightful trend of Valentine skins, Heartseeker Orianna transforms into an adorable porcelain doll. Her aesthetic balances elements of baroque style with a distinctive touch. Adorned with hearts and a conspicuous golden key on her back, she captures the essence of a love-seeking automaton. This skin embraces the essence of Valentine’s Day, adding a touch of charm to the Fields of Justice.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Heartseeker Orianna looks like a precious all-pink wind-up doll, radiating sweetness wherever she goes. Her design showcases intricate heart motifs, perfectly matching the theme. The skin features new particles for all her abilities, each adorned with a splash of pink and love. Not to mention, her Command: Shockwave ties everything together, making the visuals harmoniously delightful.

As for sound effects, each skill and the recall animation receive a lovely makeover. The recall animation is particularly delightful, as Orianna pulls out a bouquet of flowers, playing the timeless “he loves me, he loves me not” game. The heart-shaped lollies as her auto-attack projectiles and the roses inside her ball add an enchanting touch to her abilities.

Unique Features

Summing it up, Heartseeker Orianna presents a captivating package of Valentine’s Day delights. From the cohesive design with heart-themed particles to the heartwarming recall animation, the skin evokes the spirit of love on the Rift. It’s an excellent addition for Orianna enthusiasts looking to infuse some romance into their games.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, you might wonder how to get your hands on this lovely skin in 2023. Unfortunately, you won’t find it in the in-game store, as it’s locked away in the Legacy Vault. However, fear not! If you’re eager to embrace Heartseeker Orianna’s charm, you can purchase an account with this skin on Smurfmania.com, the ultimate destination for League of Legends enthusiasts.

Gamers Feedback

Heartseeker Orianna has its strengths with its appealing visuals and charming theme, but it falls short for some LoL players due to its perceived lack of significant changes and a design that deviates from Orianna’s mechanical nature.

As an Ori main, I absoultely adore evvvvverything about this skin!

Omg this is the most beautiful skin <333

What I love about this skin are the effects and the sounds… But then it’s pretty meh for me :

This skin’s name should be Sweetheart Orianna instead of Heartseeker.

My Feedback

Alright, here’s my take on Heartseeker Orianna. This skin is simply beautiful, making her Winter Wonder counterpart look like a mere joke. The heart lollies in her splash art are especially adorable, adding to the skin’s charm. However, I do have a couple of critiques. Orianna’s model seems a bit too human-like for me, considering she’s supposed to be a mechanical champion. I expected a more robotic or magical aesthetic that aligns better with her lore and theme. Nevertheless, she’s still a delight to play with and brings the spirit of love to the battlefield.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Heartseeker Orianna is a heartwarming addition to the League of Legends skin collection. With her Valentine’s Day charm, she’s an excellent choice for fans of Orianna and those seeking some romance in their gaming experience. While her design and animations beautifully encapsulate the theme, the sounds lack a bit of uniqueness. All in all, I rate this skin a solid 7 out of 10 for its charming particle effects and lovely abilities.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the power of love on the Rift with Heartseeker Orianna and spread some joy to your teammates and opponents alike! Happy gaming, summoners!


What is the concept behind Heartseeker Orianna skin?

Heartseeker Orianna is a Valentine’s Day-themed Legacy skin that transforms her into an adorable porcelain doll with heart motifs and a golden key on her back. Her goal is to find and mend broken hearts with her clockwork dances.

How do the design, sound effects, and animations of Heartseeker Orianna reflect the theme?

The skin features an all-pink wind-up doll design with intricate heart motifs and pink particles for abilities. Sound effects are revamped, and the recall animation includes Orianna playing the “he loves me, he loves me not” game with a bouquet of flowers.

Can Heartseeker Orianna be obtained in 2023?

Yes, the skin is available in the Legacy Vault. Players can purchase an account with this skin on Smurfmania.com, a website for League of Legends enthusiasts.

What are some player feedback and critiques about Heartseeker Orianna?

Players appreciate the skin’s appealing visuals and charm but find the design a bit too human-like for a mechanical champion like Orianna. Some players desire more significant changes to align with her lore.

What is the overall rating for Heartseeker Orianna skin?

The skin receives a solid 7 out of 10 for its charming particle effects and lovely abilities, but some players feel the sound effects could be more unique.