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High Noon Darius – skin released on October 10, 2019. He shares his line with skins such as:

-Lord Darius

-Dreadnova Darius

-Woad King Darius

-Dunkmaster Darius

-Academy Darius

-Bioforge Darius

-God-King Darius

High Noon Darius is one of the best warriors of the Wild West. Yes, not an arrow, because his main weapon is a two-handed ax. However, with an ax Darius easily copes with all enemies. Once upon a time, High Noon Darius became famous as a ruthless killer who literally hunted people. He used his cunning and power and no one could defeat him in the entire Wild West. Except brother High Noon Darius! In a grandiose battle, which was widely publicized, Darius lost … After that, he became even more angry at the world, an obsession woke up in him. High Noon Darius made a diabolical deal with Hecarim himself, and now has lost his freedom. Splash art shows us a very interesting scene. Darius tempers his ax in the fire, which literally burned part of his clothes. However, the powers of Hecarim protect the hunter, preventing him from burning. The champion himself is dressed in a black leather coat and hat. The whole costume is decorated with gold drawings, the ax blade is also golden.

Riot did a wonderful job creating this skin. In addition to the stylish skin, High Noon Darius received new particles, animations and sounds. He can burn, and his ax leaves a train of fire behind him. The recall animation also looks pretty interesting. Darius opens a portal through which ghostly centaurs enter the world. He cuts them with his ax, which looks very impressive.
I’d want to start with High Noon Darius because he doesn’t appear to be as well-liked as the other two. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t wonderful. Instead of bleed stacks, how about bullets? Please accept my thanks. The character model, who wears a great cowboy hat, a fierce cape, and the trademark red bandana, is also oozing with that western outlaw aura. His axe is very impressive, and the movement on his W makes you feel as though you’re going to brand your new horse. Which, if you think about it, you are. Even though it’s equally as wicked as the top two, a lot of people are sleeping on this skin.

How to get High Noon Darius in 2022?

It is a legendary skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 1350 RP and if you are a fan of the dark theme or Battle of the High Noon themed skins, then this skin is definitely created for you.

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