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Illaoi Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of League of Legends to explore the enigmatic champion, Illaoi. Released back in November 2015, Illaoi is a fighter class champion who excels in the top lane. So, why am I itching to review this champion, you ask? Well, Illaoi’s greatest allure lies in her uniqueness; she’s not your everyday pick, and that makes her an intriguing subject. In fact, she’s so uncommon that many opponents have no clue how to handle her. Let’s unravel the lore, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of this intriguing champion!


Illaoi’s power is only matched by her unwavering faith. As the prophet of the Great Kraken, she wields a massive golden idol, capable of tearing the spirits from her foes’ bodies and distorting their sense of reality. She’s not a solo warrior; the god of the Serpent Isles fights alongside her.

Her indomitable faith led her to worship Nagakabouros, a spirit goddess, who bestowed upon her the title of “Truth Bearer of Nagakabourous.” Illaoi encourages others not to kneel but to fight, transcending the boundaries of good and evil.

Champion Abilities

  • Passive – Prophet of an Elder God: Illaoi and the Vessels she creates spawn Tentacles on nearby impassable terrain. Tentacles swing at spirits, Vessels, and victims of Illaoi’s Harsh Lesson. They deal physical damage to enemies and even heal Illaoi if they damage a champion.
  • Q – Tentacle Smash: Amplifies Tentacle damage. When activated, Illaoi smashes down a Tentacle that deals physical damage.
  • W – Harsh Lesson: Illaoi leaps at her target, dealing physical damage and causing nearby Tentacles to strike the target as well.
  • E – Test of Spirit: Illaoi rips the spirit from a foe’s body, forcing it to stand before her. Spirits echo a portion of the damage they take to the original target, and if killed or too far from the spirit, the target becomes a Vessel, spawning Tentacles.
  • R – Leap of Faith: Illaoi smashes her idol into the ground, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies and spawning Tentacles for each enemy champion hit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Champion


  • Excellent counter pick against tanks.
  • Impressive 2v1 potential.
  • Strong power spikes with items.
  • Effective side lane pressure.


  • Not an ideal blind pick and easily countered.
  • Lacks mobility.
  • Plays an unconventional top lane style compared to most other laners.

Best Items for Illaoi

Now, let’s talk about the gear that will make Illaoi shine in battle:

 Divine Sunderer: Previously a default choice, it offers good damage and healing, especially against champions with lower health (patch 13.10).

 Goredrinker: The omnivamp item is perfect when facing three or more melee champions.

 Iceborn Gauntlet: Opt for this when you’re the sole frontliner or facing numerous ranged champions. The slow effect aids in landing your Tentacle strikes.

 Trinity Force: If you’re ahead, consider this item for the bonus movement speed. It can help extend your lead, though other items may be better in the late game.

 Jak’Sho, The Protean: A solid second item after Black Cleaver. Stack it up with Test of Spirit for a powerful pre-fight buff.

Best Lanes and Roles for Illaoi

Illaoi shines against immobile melee champions, which makes her a fantastic pick in the top lane. Midlane is also viable if you understand the matchups, but be prepared for more mages and ranged opponents.

Champion Picks and Counter Picks

Now, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of Illaoi’s matchups. She’s a formidable contender in the top lane, often gaining the upper hand against champions like Gragas and Renekton. However, beware when facing Gwen and Zac, as they can turn into Illaoi’s worst nightmares. It’s wise to avoid these matchups to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Price of this Champion in 2023

In 2023, Illaoi comes at a price of 3150 Blue Essence or 790 Riot Points. So, whether you’re grinding it out or ready to spend some RP, she’s within reach for your roster.

My Feedback

Now, let’s talk about my personal take on Illaoi. She’s undeniably one of the champions with a steep learning curve in League of Legends. To truly excel with her, you need to grasp the intricacies of her abilities and playstyle.

Playing against Illaoi isn’t exactly intuitive either. You’ll need to understand the matchup well to stand a chance. On one hand, she has her strengths, particularly when she lands her Tentacle strikes and dishes out the damage. On the other hand, her gameplay revolves around one dodgeable skillshot, which provides clear counterplay.

High Elo players have occasionally labeled Illaoi as one of the weakest champions in the game due to her reliance on landing her soul-grabbing skillshot. However, in lower Elo, players might find her challenging to deal with.

Best Guide for Illaoi in 2023

For those of you who are eager to master Illaoi, I’ve got a fantastic guide to share with you. This guide offers invaluable insights into Illaoi’s gameplay in 2023. It covers everything from item builds to strategies, helping you become a true Illaoi pro.

Best Skins for Illaoi

Illaoi has had her fair share of skins over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the top options:

  • Void Bringer Illaoi (2015): While some fans may find it lacking in animations and particle effects, the Void-themed armor and weapon design have their unique charm.
  • Resistance Illaoi (2018): This skin portrays Illaoi as a resilient and self-sufficient character with cybernetic enhancements and explosive animations. However, some players feel that the tentacles could have been more mechanical.
  • Cosmic Invoker Illaoi (2020): Fulfilling the fantasies of Illaoi enthusiasts, this skin offers sturdy armor, an ancient weapon, distinct tentacles, and celestial particles, making it a top choice for fans.
  • Snow Moon Illaoi (2022): This recent addition seamlessly integrates Illaoi into the Snow Moon skin line, providing fresh visuals, fitting snow particles, and an enhanced E ability, making it stand out.

Champion’s Tricks and Interesting Facts

Before we wrap up, here are some intriguing tidbits about Illaoi:

  • Illaoi boasts the second-highest base attack damage at level 18 (153) in the game, just behind Mega Gnar.
  • Her character design may have been influenced by the movie “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.”
  • She’s the only champion capable of summoning an enemy unit, the Vessel.
  • Zoologically speaking, Illaoi’s “tentacles” more closely resemble arms, as they have suckers only at the tips.
  • You can use her Tentacle Smash (Q) for poking and wave control, but using terrain Tentacles for trades conserves mana.
  • Take advantage of the auto-attack reset with Harsh Lesson (W) by auto-attacking once before using it.
  • Illaoi’s ultimate, Leap of Faith (R), grants a brief moment of unstoppability at the beginning, allowing you to dodge crucial crowd control effects.

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide to Illaoi, the fierce champion who wields the power of the Great Kraken. Dive into the game, master her unique playstyle, and watch your foes tremble before the might of the Truth Bearer of Nagakabourous!


Who is Illaoi in League of Legends and what are her abilities?

Illaoi is a fighter champion known for her unwavering faith and unique playstyle. Her abilities include Prophet of an Elder God (Passive), Tentacle Smash (Q), Harsh Lesson (W), Test of Spirit (E), and Leap of Faith (R).

What are the pros and cons of playing Illaoi in League of Legends?

Pros of playing Illaoi include being an excellent counter pick against tanks, strong 2v1 potential, and effective side lane pressure. Cons include not being an ideal blind pick, lacking mobility, and playing an unconventional top lane style.

What are the best items for Illaoi in 2023?

Recommended items for Illaoi include Divine Sunderer, Goredrinker, Iceborn Gauntlet, Trinity Force, and Jak’Sho, The Protean, depending on the situation and matchups.

Where is the best lane and role for Illaoi in League of Legends?

Illaoi is best suited for the top lane where she excels against immobile melee champions. She can also be played midlane with a good understanding of matchups.

What are some interesting facts and tips about Illaoi in League of Legends?

Some intriguing facts about Illaoi include her high base attack damage at level 18, possible design influences from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire,” her unique ability to summon enemy units (Vessels), and the use of Tentacle Smash (Q) for poking and wave control. Additionally, her ultimate, Leap of Faith (R), grants a brief moment of unstoppability at the beginning, allowing her to dodge crucial crowd control effects.