The Noxian control of Ionia created numerous legends, none more impossible than youthful Irelia of Navori. Prepared in the old moves of her area, she adjusted her craft for war, utilizing the elegant and painstakingly rehearsed developments to suspend a large group of dangerous sharp edges. Subsequent to substantiating herself as a warrior, she was pushed into the job of opposition pioneer and nonentity, and right up ’til today stays devoted to the protection of her country.



Since the time she was a kid, Xan Irelia has generally been intrigued with the effortlessness and excellence of moving. Under her grandma’s tutelage, Irelia scholarly the customary silk moves of her country. Albeit many considered Irelia questionable as a result of her enchanted association with the Ionia Spirit, Irelia’s enthusiasm for moving was genuine. Trying to dominate moving, Irelia ventured out from the home to study close by gifted people at the Placidium of Navori.

In any case, while she was gone, the Noxian Admiral Duqal held onto the Xan home to quarter his armada officials in the end killing them. Upon Irelia’s return, her power stirred, and she started to feel an unusual beat that permitted her to employ shards of metal while playing out her darling old moves again.

That was the second Irelia acknowledged all that she had learned was more than moves they were the statements of something more noteworthy. Subsequent to overcoming the people who killed her family, she turned out to be notable and driven the opposition for quite a long time. Nonetheless, on a fundamental level, she actually longs just to move alone.



  1. IONIAN FERVOR- At the point when Irelia hits adversaries with spells she gains stacking reward Attack Speed. At most extreme stacks she likewise gains reward harm on hit.
  2. BLADESURGE- She runs forward to strike her objective, mending herself. Assuming the objective is Marked or passed on to Bladesurge, its cooldown revives.
  3. DEFIANT DANCE- Irelia charges a strike that bargains more harm as she charges. She takes decreased actual harm during the charge.
  4. FLAWLESS DUET- Irelia conveys two cutting edges that merge on one another. Adversaries trapped in the middle are harmed, dazed, and Marked.
  5. VANGUARD’S EDGE- Irelia fires a monstrous number of cutting edges that detonate outward after hitting an adversary champion. Adversaries hit by the edges are harmed and Marked. A short time later the edges structure a divider that will harm and slow foes that stroll through it.


She is the female adaptation of dark Latin name Irelius , potentially modest of ira “rage”.

Irelia, the Blade Dancer Irelia, the Blade Dancer

  1. The sharp edges that she use come from a valued image of her family that was crushed by Noxian fighters. Presently, after every one of the occasions of the conflict and all that she’s done, likewise the image for an Ionia won’t bow. It’s turned into her award/Mantle of Decorum, but at the same time is her weapon.
  2. She is 24 years of age.
  3. Youthful Irelia was only 14 years of age when a Noxian Warhost lead by, as a matter of fact, General Swain General Swain, effectively went after and caught the Placidium of Navori. Lover planned to utilize the hostage locals to bait Ionian fortifications into his spread out snare, yet Irelia broke free and counter-went after, killing Swain’s veterans and dignitaries as well as cutting off his left arm, scoring, against overpowering chances, an essential triumph that’d at last reverse the situation against Noxian intruders.
  4. Irelia’s #1 soup is salted lotus.

Irelia, the Will of the Blades Irelia, the Will of the Blades

  1. Rick ‘ricklessabandon’ Maher once depicted Irelia as a Lich and her sharp edge as her Phylactery.
  2. As per this, Soraka bound Irelia’s spirit to her edge, meaning she would bite the dust for good in the event that her cutting edges were obliterated.
  3. The Art of Hiten was a sharp edge style created by the popular fighter Master Lito. His craft was a profoundly protected secret, yet it was said that blades would take in his grip. At the point when Master Lito passed on, his little girl acquired the Hiten style. Irelia has since taken the work of art higher than ever as she is prepared to do supernaturally instructing various cutting edges.
  4. Irelia wore a “Mantle of Decorum” on her back, which is the most elevated adornment an Ionian can get (Karma has one).

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