No human represents the otherworldly customs of Ionia more than Karma. She is the living encapsulation of an old soul resurrected many times, conveying all her gathered recollections into each new life, and favored with power that a couple can fathom. She has given her all to direct her kin lately of emergency, however she realizes that harmony and amicability might come uniquely at a significant expense both to her and to the land she holds generally dear.

Karma is the living encapsulation of an old Ionian soul, who fills in as a profound guide to every age of her kin. Her latest manifestation came as a 12-year-old young lady named Darha. Brought up in the northern high countries of Shon-Xan, she was obstinate and autonomous, continuously longing for a day to day existence past her commonplace town.



Karma is the living epitome of an antiquated Ionian soul, who fills in as an otherworldly reference point to every age of her kin. Her latest manifestation came as a 12-year-old young lady named Darha. Brought up in the northern high countries of Shon-Xan, she was unshakable and autonomous, continuously longing for a daily existence past her common town.

In any case, Darha started to experience unusual, erratic dreams. The pictures were interested they felt like recollections, yet the young lady was sure they had not occurred to her. From the start, the issue was sufficiently simple to disguise, however, the dreams filled in power until Darha was persuaded she was dropping into a frenzy.

Exactly when it appeared she would be bound to the mending cottages everlastingly, a gathering of priests visited her town. They had come from a spot known as the Lasting Altar, where the heavenly pioneer Karma had spent away a few months sooner. The priests were looking for the elderly person’s next manifestation, trusting him to be among the locals. They applied a progression of tests to everybody they met, however at the end ready to leave with essentially nothing.

As they passed the recuperating cottages, Darha hurled herself out of her bed and hurried to stop them. She sobbed, telling them of her dreams, and that she had known the priests’ voices from the chatter in her mind.

They perceived the signs right away. This was their Karma. The dreams were previous existences hurrying to fill another vessel.

At that time, Darha’s life changed until the end of time. She bid goodbye to all she’d at any point known and traveled to the Lasting Altar to gain from the priests. Throughout the long term, they trained her to interface with her old soul, and to cooperate with a large number of past manifestations, each upholding the insight of ages past. Karma enjoyed generally pushed harmony and congruity, instructing that any demonstration of evil would achieve its own repercussions, thus requiring no reaction.



GATHERING FIRE– Subsequent to utilizing 5 spells or assaults, Karma’s next capacity will be upgraded.

INNER FLAME– Karma sends forward a wad of soul energy that detonates and bargains harm after hitting a foe unit. Mantra Bonus: notwithstanding the blast, Mantra builds the horrendous force of her Inner Flame, making a disturbance which arrangements harm after a brief pause.

FOCUSED RESOLVE– Karma makes a tie between herself and a designated adversary, managing harm and uncovering them. In the event that the tie isn’t broken, the adversary will be established and harmed once more. Mantra Bonus: Karma fortifies the connection, mending herself and broadening the root span.

INSPIRE– Karma gathers a defensive safeguard that assimilates approaching harm and speeds up the safeguarded partner. Mantra Bonus: Energy emanates out from her objective, reinforcing the underlying safeguard and applying Inspire to local associated champions.

MANTRA– Karma engages her next capacity to do an unexpected impact. Mantra is accessible at level 1 and doesn’t need an expertise point.



  1. During the Second Invasion of Ionia, Karma battled close by Irelia, Akali, Kennen, and Yasuo against Sion and the remainder of the Noxian powers.
  2. Karma figured out how to repulse a Black Mist assault in the Lasting Altar yet was ultimately adulterated by Viego when he took advantage of her culpability for not accomplishing seriously during the Noxian intrusion.
  3. Irelia would then join the Sentinels of Light in anticipation of saving Karma.


  1. Her legend looks like that of The Avatar from the series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Her past rebirth was a man named Jakgri, who surrendered his darling Watai for his obligation as Karma.
  2. Darha, this Karma, is around her late 20s, or 28 years of age. She was around 12 years of age when she opened the recollections of her past lives. She would prepare for a few years before the beginning of the Noxian intrusion of Ionia which finished in 989 AN.

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