Carving a consuming the most obscure spots of the world, Kassadin realizes his days are numbered. However when a famous globe-trotter, he had decided to live secretly and raise a family among the traveler clans of Shurima-until the day his little girl was asserted by the Void. Kassadin promised to bring her back, consolidating various obscure antiquities and illegal innovations for the battle ahead. His safety measures were sufficiently not, notwithstanding, and these gadgets currently just sluggish the tricky debasement that attacks his body, in any case, he will happily address that cost if by some stroke of good luck he can save her.

Kassadin, the professional killer, and the Void Walker realize his days are numbered as he slices through the consuming area of the haziest spots of the world. He is a generally voyaged Shuriman guide who had decided to raise a family among the moderately serene southern clans until the Void annihilated his home.

He promised to retaliate for his home and his family, consolidating different esoteric antiquities and illegal tech for the battles ahead. Presently, Kassadin sets out for Icathia, prepared to confront any massive Void-develop as he continued looking for the “prophet,” Malzahar.



Kassadin started life as an offcast, strolling through the Great Sai’s unforgiving sands with shipper trains who saw his unbelievable ability. The unfamiliar people who looked for Kassadin’s gifts slurred “Kas Sai A Dyn?” or “Whom does the desert know” to the future professional killer, permitting him to become Kassadin in the back rear entryways of Bel’zhun. Kassadin ultimately got comfortable in a little town in the rough gulches with his better half and girl. He frequently voyaged, continuously returning home with a story available.

Nonetheless, during a campaign with his kindred caravaneers-the throat of the hidden world had opened up. To which they’d scarcely gotten away with their lives. Dreading for his family’s security, Kassadin abandoned the others. Nonetheless, he was past the point of no return. From that point forward, Kassadin committed to retaliate against his significant other and girl, wipe out the guileful Prophet, and source his power. Presently, with the Nether Blade of Horok close by, he would go where no man really considered strolling and face the Void alone. He committed to having his retribution, regardless of whether it killed him.



VOID STONE– Kassadin takes decreased wizardry harm and disregards unit impact.

NULL SPHERE– He fires a sphere of void energy at an objective, managing harm, and hindering channels. The overabundance of energy structures around himself gives a transitory safeguard that retains sorcery harm.

NETHER BLADE– Aloof: Kassadin’s fundamental assaults bargain reward enchantment harm. Dynamic: Kassadin’s next fundamental assault bargains huge reward wizardry harm and reestablishes Mana.

FORCE PULSE– He draws energy from spells cast in his area. After energizing, Kassadin can involve Force Pulse to harm and slow adversaries in a cone before him.

RIFTWALK– Kassadin magically transports to a close-by area managing harm to local foe units. Various Riftwalks in a brief timeframe cost extra Mana yet additionally bargain extra harm.



 Kassadin, the Void Walker Kassadin, the Void Walker

  • He is determined to vindicate his little girl and his significant other, who were taken by the Void 10 years previously, his main goal additionally incorporates prevent the Void from spreading across Runeterra and to keep the cloak isolating the two planes from breaking totally.
  • He and Malzahar are total inverses. While Kassadin attempts to battle the void, Malzahar attempts to carry it to Runeterra.
  • In the new legend, Kassadin faulted Malzahar for opening the Void break that killed his significant other and girl.
  • It is a generally held player hypothesis that Kai’Sa Kai’Sa is his little girl and she made due and presently chases Voidborns in the underground of Shurima.
  • In the Music skins universe, Kassadin is K/DA Kai’Sa’s K/DA Kai’Sa’s father.


Kassadin, the Void Walker Kassadin, the Void Walker

  • In the old legend, Malzahar attempted a few times to enlist Kassadin, without much of any result. Later on, Malzahar was straightforwardly answerable for sending Kassadin’s little girl to the void.


  • In the universe, this previous pathfinder’s by-name Kassadin is a changed adaptation of the unfamiliar expression “Kas sai a dyn?” “whom does the desert know?” to portray his abilities.
  • Despite the fact that he is from Shurima, his connections to his country are extremely frail, because of his distraction with the Void.
  • Ezreal’s folks might have been the ones who utilized Kassadin to look for Ne’Zuk’s burial chamber and tracked down both Horok’s burial place and his Nether Blade yet he initially wouldn’t even come close to taking it.
    • As displayed in Warriors, things like this might be utilized to forestall Void animals and will trap those inside the burial chamber once moved. The burial place has since been guaranteed by the Void, which might make sense of their disappearance.
    • Both’s Kassadin’s Nether Blade Nether Blade and Ezreal’s glove initially had a place with Horok. Ne’Zuk probably took the glove subsequent to killing Horok.

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