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K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa Review

Let’s dive into the electrifying world of League of Legends and explore the sensational K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin. Released on October 29, 2020, under the Epic skin category, this skin has been turning heads and causing a buzz in the League community. If you’re a fan of Kai’Sa or the K/DA music group, you won’t want to miss this. Join me as we journey through the lore, concept, design, and unique features of this stunning skin. Plus, I’ll give you the lowdown on how to obtain it in 2023 and share my personal feedback. So, let’s get started!


Kai’Sa, the dancer of the group, stands out as the most talented member of K/DA. Not only does she mesmerize with her dance moves, but she also takes on the role of a mentor, guiding her fellow members like Seraphine. This skin embodies her passion and dedication to the group, making her a standout performer both on and off the stage.

Concept and Inspiration

The concept of K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa is a tribute to her role within the K/DA universe. As a dancer and mentor, she exudes confidence and style. This skin encapsulates her essence, allowing players to step into her glamorous shoes and command the stage like a true star.

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

The design of this skin is nothing short of breathtaking. From the vibrant colors to the dazzling jewels, every detail oozes glamour. Each ability is a visual spectacle, but the Void Seeker truly steals the show with its giant flying gems animation. However, my personal favorite is the Q ability’s animation. The increased number of missiles when you build Kai’Sa as a marksman will leave you hypnotized.

When it comes to sound effects, K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa doesn’t disappoint. The SFX are not just satisfying; they’re downright eargasmic. Every skill you unleash comes with a punchy, immersive sound that adds to the overall experience.

Unique Features

One of the standout features of this skin is the attention to detail. The visual design has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and rightfully so. The changes in the R shield and death animation colors are not just visually appealing; they are a significant upgrade from previous versions of Kai’Sa skins.

The thematic fit within the K/DA universe is another win for this skin. If you’re a fan of the music group, you’ll appreciate how seamlessly Kai’Sa fits into the K/DA aesthetic.

And then there’s the frog, an unexpected addition that has garnered mixed reactions. Some players love the playful touch it adds, while others find it a bit quirky. It’s certainly a unique feature that sets this skin apart.

Obtainability in 2023

If you’re itching to add this fabulous skin to your collection in 2023, you’re in luck! You can snag the K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin from the Riot store for 1350 Riot Points. That’s a reasonable price for a skin that offers such a visually stunning and immersive experience.

Gamers Feedback

The K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin has been met with generally positive feedback from the LoL community. Players appreciate its thematic fit within the K/DA universe, intricate visual design, and satisfying sound effects. However, there is a desire for more diverse skin concepts for Kai’Sa, and opinions on the inclusion of the frog are mixed.

“This is the best KDA ALL OUT skin hands down.”

“I’m so happy Kai’sa will get BADDEST chroma for next Event, will be only in December but it’s all ok :)”

“Aw no chromas for her? Also her voice doesn’t echo like in the first KDA skin. I liked that feature.”

My Feedback

Now, let’s talk about my personal gaming experience with this skin. I must say, I’m impressed. The visual design of the skin truly stands out, and I appreciate the meticulous attention to detail. From the shimmering colors to the eye-catching animations, it’s a feast for the eyes.

The changes in the R shield and death animation colors add a fresh layer of excitement to playing Kai’Sa. It’s a welcome departure from the standard skins, and it keeps things interesting.

But what truly blew me away were the sound effects. The SFX in this skin are top-notch, especially the W skill’s sound effects. Every time I cast that ability, it’s like a symphony of destruction, and I can’t help but grin with satisfaction.

In all honesty, this skin has left me with mixed feelings. While I adore its visual design, sound effects, and thematic fit within the K/DA universe, I can’t help but wish for more diverse skin concepts for Kai’Sa. The inclusion of the frog, while amusing, may not resonate with everyone. However, it’s clear that this skin has found a special place in the hearts of many players who are fans of both Kai’Sa and K/DA.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, the K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin is a must-consider if you’re a fan of the champion Kai’Sa. It brings a fresh perspective to her character and offers a visually stunning and audibly satisfying experience. Despite some reservations about the frog inclusion and a desire for more diverse concepts, this skin has found its niche and garnered a devoted following.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give the K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin a solid 7. It’s not perfect, but it’s undeniably a treat for the senses and a valuable addition to any Kai’Sa player’s collection. So, if you’re ready to rock the stage as Kai’Sa in style, don’t miss out on this fantastic skin.


What is the K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin and when was it released?

The K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin is an Epic skin in League of Legends released on October 29, 2020. It is part of the K/DA skin line, featuring Kai’Sa as a member of the K/DA music group.

What makes the K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin special in terms of design and features?

This skin is known for its stunning visual design, with vibrant colors and intricate details. It also features immersive sound effects and animations that enhance the gaming experience. Some unique features include changes in the R shield and death animation colors, as well as the addition of a frog companion.

How can I obtain the K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin in 2023?

You can purchase the K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin from the Riot store for 1350 RP, making it reasonably priced for the level of detail and immersion it offers.

What is the player feedback regarding this skin?

Player feedback for this skin has generally been positive, with players appreciating its thematic fit within the K/DA universe, visual design, and sound effects. However, some players desire more diverse skin concepts for Kai’Sa, and opinions on the frog addition are mixed.

What is the overall rating of the K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin?

On a scale of 1 to 10, the K/DA ALL OUT Kai’Sa skin is rated as a solid 7. While it has its unique strengths, including visuals and sound effects, it may not be perfect for everyone due to certain design choices, such as the frog companion.