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Kennen M.D. Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Ever wondered what it would be like if your favorite League of Legends champion, Kennen, swapped out his shurikens for scalpels and donned a doctor’s coat? Well, wonder no more because Kennen M.D. has arrived to diagnose and prescribe victory on the Rift! Get ready to dive into the electrifying world of this skin that was released on March 28, 2011. So, strap in as we take a closer look at the electrifying Kennen M.D. skin, its concept, design, and everything in between.


Why risk a haircut with scissors when you can chuck scalpels instead? The jury’s still out on whether Kennen M.D. is raising the fallen or simply sending the healthy to their graves. But one thing’s for sure, watch out for this morally ambiguous healer! With a reputation that teeters between savior and reaper, this unorthodox clinician is sure to bring a jolt of excitement to the Summoner’s Rift.

Concept and Inspiration

Picture this: Kennen, the Yordle ninja, trading in his ninja gear for a pristine doctor’s ensemble. Riot has given Kennen a complete makeover, turning him into a somber and calculated medical practitioner. Interestingly, the Kennen M.D. skin seems to share similarities with the Karate Kennen, or at least they were designed in tandem. While this medical-themed skin has a unique charm of its own, it faces competition from the more budget-friendly furry karateka option. Unfortunately, Kennen M.D. doesn’t introduce new particles or sounds to the mix, but let’s not judge a book solely by its cover – or a skin by its lack of bling!

Design, Sound Effects and Animations

Now, let’s dissect the skin’s aesthetics. The attire here is serviceable, though not jaw-dropping. Kennen’s shurikens-turned-scalpels add a playful twist, showcasing Riot’s creativity. The traditional ninja mask and open-toed tabi hint at his ninja origins, while the exposed furry body gives us a nostalgic nod. And let’s not forget the splash art – it’s a quirky scene where Kennen contemplates treatment options for Cho’Gath’s X-ray, adding a touch of humor to this medically-inspired ensemble.

Unique Features

  • Fashionably Electrifying: Kennen’s switch from ninja to doctor might be unconventional, but it’s shockingly stylish.
  • Scalpel-Sharp Shurikens: Say goodbye to shurikens, and hello to scalpels – a surgical twist on his weaponry that’s both clever and captivating.
  • Medically Mysterious: Is he a hero or a harvester of souls? Kennen M.D.’s enigmatic lore keeps us guessing with every game.

Obtainability in 2023

So, how can you get your hands on this electrifying ensemble? Well, good news – you can snag the Kennen M.D. skin from the Riot Store for 975 Riot Points. But if you’re looking for a faster route, you might want to check out, where you can purchase an account already loaded with this skin. It’s like getting a prescription for gaming excellence!

Gamers Feedback

The LoL community‘s response to the Kennen M.D. skin has been diverse and imaginative, showcasing an appetite for skins that go beyond cosmetic changes. Players have expressed interest in innovative abilities, thematic transformations, and iconic crossovers. There’s a consensus on the desire for more elaborate effects, potentially elevating the skin to ultimate quality.

I think instead of electricity, his animations should be ECG monitor waves.”

“Well, this skin is good idea but it need more effects of M.D. and it will awesome like ult and size moving anything can change.”

“I like that skin, because cho` gath is my favorite champ.”

My Feedback

Alright, gamers, here’s my two cents on this zappy skin. As a fan eagerly awaiting fresh skins and innovative ideas for Kennen, I’m thrilled with the concept of turning him into a doctor. But here’s the kicker: what if his animations played with ECG monitor waves instead of the usual electric sparks? That could’ve added a medical flair to his abilities! While the skin is a unique take on Kennen, I can’t help but feel like it’s missing a certain something to make it truly outstanding. But hey, don’t take my word as gospel – give it a whirl and let me know what you think!

Conclusion and Rating

So, there you have it, folks! We’ve delved into the world of Kennen M.D., a skin that electrifies the League of Legends battlefield with its quirky concept and doctor-approved design. If you’re into medical marvels and electrifying ensembles, this skin is tailor-made for you. However, if part of your fascination with Kennen is his adorable, fluffy appearance, there might be other options worth considering. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d prescribe this skin a solid 7 – it’s a breath of fresh air in Kennen’s wardrobe.


What is the concept behind the Kennen M.D. skin?

The Kennen M.D. skin reimagines Kennen, the Yordle ninja, as a doctor with a morally ambiguous healer persona. It blends his ninja origins with a medical twist, featuring scalpels instead of shurikens and a doctor’s ensemble.

What unique features does the Kennen M.D. skin offer?

The skin introduces a switch from shurikens to scalpels as weapons, reflecting the medical theme. It raises questions about Kennen’s intentions with his enigmatic lore, blurring the line between hero and reaper.

How can players obtain the Kennen M.D. skin?

The Kennen M.D. skin can be purchased from the Riot Store for 975 RP. Alternatively, players can explore to find accounts pre-loaded with this skin.

What has been the community’s response to the skin?

Players have shown diverse and imaginative feedback about the skin, expressing interest in more elaborate effects, abilities related to the medical theme, and potential crossovers. There’s a desire for enhanced effects to elevate the skin’s quality.

What’s the author’s feedback and rating for the skin?

The author appreciates the innovative concept of the skin, transforming Kennen into a doctor. They suggest that the skin could be enhanced with animations featuring ECG monitor waves. Despite its unique take, the author feels the skin lacks something exceptional. They rate the skin a solid 7 out of 10.