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Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank – skin released on November 16, 2017. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Rusty Blitzcrank
-Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank
-Battle Boss Blitzcrank
-Riot Blitzcrank
-Witch’s Brew Blitzcrank
-Goalkeeper Blitzcrank
-Boom Boom Blitzcrank
-Definitely Not Blitzcrank
-Piltover Customs Blitzcrank

The guards from the Lancer series are mechanized knights who serve the peaceful kingdoms, protecting cities and ordinary people. However, Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank violated the oath. The mysterious black lightning that struck the once noble knight was to blame. Now he is in an eternal campaign, destroying armies and overthrowing kings along the way. Thrones, like peaceful lands, remain devastated and it is still not clear what drives the Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank and how long it will continue its terrible campaign. Splash art shows Rogue Blitzcrank flying from the sky, down on the enemy. He pierces his land with a drill, destroying enemies. We can say that this skin is a copy of the Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank, with the exception of a few points. Rogue Blitzcrank has black armor and red eyes. So we can say that he is the dark twin of Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank.

In addition to creating a dark model, Riot also added new particles and recall animations. Particles for auto-attack and abilities are changed to darker versions of red and purple, instead of turquoise in Lancer Paragon. A new recall animation has also been created where the Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank rips the ground with its drill and falls into it. Recall Paragon soared into the sky in its recall animation, and it seems there is a certain symbol in it. Heaven is heaven and good, and earth is hell. Since, fury and malice captured Rogue Blitzcrank, he teleported through the ground

How to get a Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank in 2022?

Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. A skin costs 1350 RP, and if you have already purchased a Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank, you can play both depending on its insistence. Rogue will appeal to fans of the dark theme and Lancer skins.

Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank, when taken as a whole, is a skin whose major characteristic is the new design, which pervades many other features of the skin. The particles might be bland, lacking in strength and intensity, and the noises are generic. Fortunately, the animations, for the most part, contribute to the skin’s individuality. As a result, the skin has a lot of good characteristics, but they don’t all stand out as much as they should. It’s unmistakably a dark variant of the Lancer Blitzcrank series, which means it shares the majority of its features. While each has its own look, it’s only cosmetic, thus getting both skins isn’t necessary unless you’re a huge Lancers fan.

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