Charlie-inspired Lollipoppy skin and chocolate factory along with Candy King Ivern skin.

First, it can use a hammer to slow down the enemy and to make its motion slow and it explodes after a delay which damages the target. After that, Lollipoppy has the ability of steadfast to make it stable against the attack of the enemy. In addition to this, the Heroic charge helps the Lollipoppy for the sudden attack on the enemy. In the end, Lollipoppy throws the bucket on the
target which hits and comes back to the Lollipoppy and can help it to engage the target and to get the lead in the fight.

The skin resembles Oompa Loompas, Willy Wonka’s little helpers.
How to get Lollipoppy in 2022?

Lollipoppy is nothing but a legend in the candy world. She might be a little coy looking on the outside but when it comes to enjoying herself she is pretty exquisite and fun. But don’t think for one second she won’t be able to best her enemies because she knows tricks and has XP that can blow even the toughest of the enemies away. It is a legendary skin which means that it is not that easier to come by and you really have to keep your eyes glued to the lol shop to make sure that you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

The skin was available in the official store for 975RP back in 2010!

Lollipoppy armed with a huge candy (from which the name of the skin comes from) and a huge bar of chocolate instead of a shield, Lollipoppy will definitely please your teammates and bring notes of celebration and fun while running around the battlefield in an Oompa Loompa costume.

The lack of animation, the developers compensated for the excellent skin design.

Currently, this skin is no longer available and it remains hoped that Riot Games will reissue this wonderful skin and maybe even add new animations, but until this happens, you can purchase an account with Lollipoppy already activated on it on our website!

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