The skin known as Lord Darius was made available on May 22, 2012. He collaborates with skins such as the following:


-Dunkmaster Darius
-Dreadnova Darius
-High Noon Darius
-Woad King Darius
-Academy Darius
-Bioforge Darius
-God-King Darius

Lord Darius is a powerful figure in the rift who is always prepared to defend his position in a battle of any kind. Whoever dares to stand in his path will be obliterated by the overwhelming power of the Lord’s arsenal! The name of the skin accurately describes the way it appears to the naked eye. A majestic piece of armor that is almost entirely made of gold can be seen adorning Darius’s body. There are many different components that make up armor, and they are used to adorn every part of the suit, from the shoulders to the shoes. It gives the impression that some of the greatest experts in their fields worked on it… During the conflict, Lord Darius is portrayed on the splash art as being overcome with rage. He yelled in a frantic manner as he brandished his ax in the direction of the adversary. Because of the glow emanating from his eyes, one might assume that Darius possesses divine power. It is also important to draw attention to the scar on his face as well as the gold tiara that he wears. According to the information provided, Darius, despite being a member of the royal family, is always present on the battlefield.

The designers have come up with an incredible new look for the character. The fierce appearance of the champion, combined with the opulent splendor of the golden armor, will unmistakably set him apart from everyone and everything else. Regrettably, Riot only altered the model for the Lord Darius in their game. The particles and animations will not be altered; however, we are hopeful that the changes will have no impact on them.

How to get Lord Darius in 2022?

Lord Darius is a regular skin. This indicates that you can make the purchase from the Play Store whenever it is most convenient for you. The price of the skin is 975 Riot Points. If you are a fan of medieval skins or skins with a royalty theme, then this skin was most certainly designed with you in mind.

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