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Lunar Goddess Diana – skin released on January 28, 2014. It shares line with skins such as:

-Dark Valkyrie Diana

-Infernal Diana

-Blood Moon Diana

-Dark Waters Diana

-Dragonslayer Diana

Lunar Goddess Diana is the earthly embodiment of the moon, beautiful as night. It was originally under the auspices of the Order of Solari, an ancient organization whose followers worshiped the sun. In their view, the sun is the source of all life and Diana also believed in this up to a certain point. One day, the mysterious light of the moon literally engulfed her, and she began to spend the whole night watching the sky. The Solari people ridiculed Lunar Goddess Diana for her fascination with the moon, and soon rejected and banished her. From this time begins the story of the moon avatar, who possesses incredible and supernatural powers. Splash art looks great and shows us a champion surrounded by beautiful clouds and bright, sparkling stars. All this is complemented by a shining crescent moon. The skin’s color palette is composed of white, magenta and gold, which creates a soft and pleasing visual style. Also striking is the exquisite curved blade resembling a crescent moon.

Riot did an incredible job and put together a really fantastic skin for Lunar Goddess Diana. In addition to the excellent model, the developers also added particles for all abilities and auto-attacks, animations and sounds. The animation of the recall is also worth noting. Diana takes her sword by the blade and disappears instantly.

How to get Lunar Goddess Diana in 2022?

It is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it from the play store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 975 RP and if you are a fan of Chinese mythology and Lunar Revel then you should definitely buy this skin.

Diana, the Lunar Goddess, appears to be a Chinese mythology version of the Moon’s Scorn. Rather of just becoming the Moon’s avatar, she transforms into Chang’e, the Chinese Goddess of the Moon. In this way, her appearance conveys little ethereal or even otherworldly power. Lunar Goddess Diana is, in the end, an uneven skin that also fails to transmit its notion properly. In other words, the topic is not clearly realized in the execution. While the particles help the skin stand out, they are unable to combat the underlying disorders. Even without the intended Chang’e theme, it appears to do a lot of things without having a clear direction.

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