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Marauder Ashe – skin released February 17, 2015. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Freljord Ashe
-Sherwood Forest Ashe
-Woad Ashe
-Cosmic Queen Ashe
-Queen Ashe
-Amethyst Ashe
-Heartseeker Ashe
-High Noon Ashe
-Championship Ashe

The captain and leader of one of the marauding clans, Marauder Ashe maintains his power by eliminating unwanted or direct opponents. Magelord culture is cruel and preaches a ruthless attitude towards enemies, which Ashe adheres to. Few can challenge her, and absolutely no one can win. On splash art, Marauder Ashe is depicted in the heat of battle. Marauder Warwick helps her in battle, tearing her enemies’ claws to pieces. Ashe, in turn, supports him, accurately shooting from his bow with ice arrows. He is clad in solid metal armor that is sharpened everywhere. They are capable of instilling fear and horror in their appearance. Their appearance is somewhat reminiscent of the armor of Sauron – the main antagonist of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Ashe also wears an iron mask covering her face. There is a slot in the mask, but there is sheer darkness behind it. This detail makes the skin even darker and more dangerous. Also, the great marauder wears an elegant red cloak and is armed with a powerful steel bow. This bow, in combination with steel arrows, seems to be able to penetrate any armor.

The developers did not add changes to the particles or animations, but only carried out work on the model. They created a beautiful skin that complements the best features of Ashe and its lines as a whole. In addition, standard particles are great, since the Marauder theme adheres to a winter mood. The ominous Marauder Ashe sends icy arrows at enemies. Incredibly aesthetically pleasing!

How to get Marauder Ashe in 2020?
Marauder Ashe is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is only 750 RP, so hurry up. A skin for those who like the Middle Ages, as well as Marauder themed skins. Skins such as Marauder Warwick, Marauder Alistar and Marauder Olaf are also included.
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