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Marble Malphite Review

Welcome to the exciting world of League of Legends, where champions and skins come together to create a unique gaming experience. In this article, we’re diving deep into the world of Marble Malphite, a legacy skin that’s been rocking the League since its release on March 21, 2011. Priced at an affordable 520 RP, this skin has gathered quite the following, but it’s not without its critics. So, let’s roll with Marble Malphite and explore its stony journey.


Malphite, the massive creature of living stone, was originally born from the heart of the great Ixtali construct known as the Monolith. But now, with the Marble Malphite skin, he’s transformed into something even more formidable – a creature made of elegant marble. Imagine a colossal chunk of polished stone, ready to bring the house down on its foes.

Concept and Inspiration

The concept behind Marble Malphite is as straightforward as it gets. Picture Malphite consisting of disjointed marble stones. It’s like he’s been chiseled out of a magnificent marble block. It’s simple yet effective, and it gives Malphite a unique and distinct look.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

When it comes to design, Marble Malphite takes a minimalist approach. Riot introduced a new model for Malphite, complete with fresh textures for his Granite Shield. You’ll notice the most significant change with the new particles for his Seismic Shard ability.

But here’s the deal – there are no new animations or sounds to accompany this skin. It might sound like a bummer, but sometimes simplicity can be charming. The irregular marble body, covered in moss, gives Malphite an interesting and distinct look. However, the disjointed body parts might make him look a tad comical and inconsistent, considering Malphite’s innate sturdiness. It’s worth mentioning that his shape bears a resemblance to Classic Malphite, but the overall look remains singular and attractive.

Now, let’s talk about the splash art – it looks cool! The background might not be the most exciting, featuring a prairie with a cloudy sky, but it’s simple and effective. Malphite’s in-game look is faithfully represented, which is always a plus.

Unique Features

Marble Malphite offers some unique features, particularly with his abilities. When you slam down with his E, you’ll notice the new particles that add a touch of elegance to his seismic power. His W and ultimate (R) abilities also come with some subtle visual enhancements that tie in with the marble theme.

But what truly sets Marble Malphite apart is its overall aesthetic. It’s not trying to reinvent the wheel but rather give Malphite a fresh and appealing look. This skin feels like a homage to classic platformer characters like Rayman, which adds a touch of nostalgia to your League of Legends experience. Plus, who doesn’t love that detached left arm? It’s quirky and endearing.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, let’s talk about the crucial question – can you get your hands on Marble Malphite in 2023? Well, here’s the scoop: you won’t find this skin in the Riot store because it’s locked away in the Legacy Vault. But don’t despair just yet! When Riot decides to crack open the Legacy Vault, you’ll have a shot at adding this unique skin to your collection. Keep an eye out for those special moments when they decide to re-release it.

Gamers Feedback

Marble Malphite, the budget-friendly skin in League of Legends, generates a diverse range of opinions within the LoL community. Some players appreciate its affordability and unique visual elements, while others find it lacking when compared to more premium alternatives. Ultimately, whether you’ll enjoy this skin depends on your budget and personal preferences.

I actually think it looks awesome…

“Best skin in the game hands down.”

“I actually like the look of this one.”

“His W skill does not match at all with the skin.”

My Feedback

So, what’s the lowdown from a gamer who’s spent some quality time with Marble Malphite? First and foremost, I find this skin visually appealing. It’s like having a chunk of ancient marble come to life and join the League battles. The simplicity of the design is its strength. It doesn’t try too hard to be flashy but still manages to be striking in its own right.

One thing that I, and some other players, appreciate about Marble Malphite is how it draws parallels to classic platformer characters like Rayman. There’s something about that detached left arm that adds character and charm to the stone behemoth.

Now, while Marble Malphite does offer unique effects, especially with abilities like his slam (E), W, and ultimate (R), some players, including myself, believe that more could have been done with the skin’s design. It’s attractive, no doubt, but it could have been taken a step further to truly make it stand out among the vast sea of skins in League of Legends.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Marble Malphite is a budget-friendly skin that has its fair share of supporters and detractors within the League of Legends community. It may not offer the same level of intricacy and refinement as some high-end skins, but it remains a viable option for those seeking a cost-effective way to enhance their in-game experience with Malphite.

Ultimately, whether you find this skin appealing or not depends on your personal taste. It’s simple, it’s stony, and it’s somewhat reminiscent of Classic Malphite. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The look is singular and attractive, and when you factor in the price, it makes for a good product.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give Marble Malphite a solid 7. It’s a skin that offers value for your RP, especially if you’re a fan of Malphite. So, if you’re in the market for a new look for this rocky champion, Marble Malphite might just be your stone-cold choice. Give it a try and see how it rolls with your gaming style in League of Legends!


What is Marble Malphite in League of Legends?

Marble Malphite is a skin for the champion Malphite in League of Legends. It transforms Malphite into a creature made of elegant marble, offering a unique visual experience.

How does Marble Malphite differ from the base Malphite skin?

Marble Malphite features a minimalist design with disjointed marble stones, fresh textures for his Granite Shield, and new particles for his abilities, giving him an elegant and distinct appearance. However, it lacks new animations or sound effects.

Is Marble Malphite still available for purchase in 2023?

No, Marble Malphite is not available for direct purchase in the Riot store in 2023. It is locked away in the Legacy Vault, but it may be re-released by Riot Games during special events or promotions.

What do players think of Marble Malphite?

Player opinions on Marble Malphite vary. Some appreciate its unique visual elements and affordability, while others find it lacking compared to more premium skins. Ultimately, whether you’ll enjoy this skin depends on your personal preferences and budget.

What is the overall rating for Marble Malphite?

Marble Malphite receives a solid rating of 7 out of 10 in the article. It’s considered a budget-friendly skin that offers value for your RP, especially if you’re a fan of Malphite, but its appeal depends on individual taste.