Mecha Kingdoms Draven is a skin released in 2019 that shares its series with such skins:

-Mecha Kingdoms Leona

-Mecha Kingdoms Sett

-Mecha Kingdoms Garen

-Mecha Kingdoms Jax

Mecha Kingdoms Draven is a determined warlord who was once a general and led the armies of Vercentia. But at one point, he left this position and decided to become a mercenary, who does not obey anyone. Thanks to his skills, Draven has built a good reputation for himself and has established himself as a true professional. He created his own Avalon for himself, however, it is not clear how. The fact is that this manned robot is a real miracle of engineering and requires a lot of resources to build. How a mercenary, albeit an unusual one, could have such significant resources is still not clear. The armor of Mecha Kingdoms Draven is technological and interesting. It is made in purple, and is also decorated with gold. And his two swords are unusually curved and resemble the weapons of Kratos from the famous game. Splash art looks like a real work of art. It has a sense of scope and a huge amount of detail. We can confidently say that it would be incredibly interesting to see how it would be animated. So, Draven appears before us during the battle with the Levifans. He swings to strike the monster with his sword while the other sword is thrust into the ground. Below you can see hundreds of people who are rooting for the hero.

It is also worth noting the animation of the return, which looks very spectacular. Mecha Kingdoms Draven releases his swords like boomerangs and they begin to spin at an incredible speed around him. Draven after this take off on its rocket engines. The developers made the perfect Mecha series.

How to get Mecha Kingdoms Draven in 2022?

This is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it from the play store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 1350 RP and if you love Mecha theme or Technology Themed skins then you should definitely buy it.

Mecha Kingdoms, like Night & Dawn, will provide not one, but two different ways to make the most of the event. For 1650 RP, you can purchase the Mecha Kingdoms Pass. It includes 200 Tokens, 4 Orbs, and an exclusive Event Pass Icon (neat). If that’s not enough, we’re also selling a 2650 RP Mecha Kingdoms Pass Bundle. Aside from the things listed above, this Bundle contains Garen, who is dressed to kill in his new Mecha Kingdoms skin and ready to take on the competition. As a result, you’ll receive a special Mecha Kingdoms Border and Icon to go with it. The Event Pass and the Bundle can be purchased at any time throughout the event.

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