Mecha Kingdoms Leona is a skin released in 2019 that shares its series with such skins:
-Mecha Kingdoms Garen
-Mecha Kingdoms Jax
-Mecha Kingdoms Draven
-Mecha Kingdoms Sett

Mecha Kingdoms Leona always been the favorite and main hope of the Dawnrise Kingdom. After the mighty Leviathans invaded the lands of her country, attacking from the sea. Leona had to take full command, become the head of all the people, and lead them into battle. The smartest scientists of this country created Avalon for her – a combat robot of gigantic proportions, which works at the expense of the energy of these damned monsters who attacked the kingdom. With the help of new weapons Mecha Kingdoms Leona, goes ahead of the Royal Navy, in the name of freeing Dawnrise. This majestic skin was created for the Mecha Kingdoms line. Mecha Kingdoms Leona’s design is futuristic and resembles the hero of a science fiction movie. The visual style is very beautiful and includes many elements. So, the skin color palette consists of white gold and pink and looks pretty attractive. The Leona battle armor looks impressive and gives the impression of indestructibility. The massive shield seems to be able to withstand any blow or shot. The sword, namely its blade, complements the skin’s feel.
The developers did not forget to also update the VFX, which reflect the full combat power of Mecha Kingdoms Leona, as well as SFX. Also worth noting is the unusual recall animation. Leona pirouette using her sword and then takes off into the sky. She also creates a protective sphere around herself that glows orange like fire.

How to get Mecha Kingdoms Leona in 2022?

It is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time.
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