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Mecha Malphite Review

Welcome to the exciting world of League of Legends, where champions battle it out in epic clashes! In this article, we’ll dive into the electrifying universe of Mecha Malphite, an impressive skin that will leave you in awe. Released on July 23, 2014, this epic skin has been a fan favorite for years, and today, we’ll explore its lore, design, unique features, obtainability in 2023, and my personal feedback.


In the distant future, when colossal kaiju threatened the existence of the world, the Mecha Malphite unit was created as the ultimate defense against these mighty monsters. Designated M-2, this massive, bipedal fortress is capable of transforming into a planetary drill, ready to pierce through any adversary in its path. With its gauntlets packing a punch that can blow holes through thick titanium, Mecha Malphite has become the guardian the world needed. Countless monsters have fallen to its might, and its legacy is etched in the annals of history.

Concept and Inspiration

The inspiration behind Mecha Malphite comes from two iconic franchises – Transformers and Pacific Rim. Picture a colossal, multicolored mechanical robot, and you’ll have an image of this skin. As part of the Mecha skin theme, which includes Mecha Aatrox and Mecha Kha’Zix, Mecha Malphite takes on the role of a formidable war machine. The skin’s design brings together the best of both worlds, combining the strength of the Transformers and the sheer scale of Pacific Rim mechas.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Prepare to be blown away by the incredible design of Mecha Malphite. This epic skin transforms Malphite into a massive blue war robot, complete with powerful robotic arms and legs. This steel-clad behemoth is a sight to behold, and it stands apart from his default skin with its futuristic aesthetic.

The skin comes with a plethora of new animations and particles, elevating the gameplay experience to new heights. When Malphite’s Granite Shield passive is on cooldown, the robot appears damaged, adding a touch of realism to the battles. Activate his Brutal Strikes ability, and his hands turn red-hot while spikes appear on their ends, boosting the damage of his attacks and striking fear into opponents’ hearts.

One of the standout features of this skin is the incredible recall animation. Watch in awe as Mecha Malphite morphs into a massive, three-headed drill, drilling underground before making a grand recall entrance. His ultimate ability is no less impressive, with a rocket launching from his back as he takes flight, crashing into the first champion he touches.

The sounds and effects accompanying this skin are top-notch, providing an immersive experience that perfectly complements the mecha theme. The overall package of animations, sounds, and particles will undoubtedly leave you captivated.

Unique Features

  • A massive, multicolored mechanical robot – Malphite like you’ve never seen before.
  • Powerful robotic arms and legs that command respect on the battlefield.
  • Cooldown-based visuals that showcase battle damage, adding depth to the experience.
  • Red-hot hands and spiked fists during Brutal Strikes, delivering devastating attacks.
  • A recall animation that transforms Malphite into an awe-inspiring, three-headed drill.
  • An impactful rocket launch animation for his ultimate, making his presence known from above.
  • Immersive sound effects that further elevate the mecha theme and amplify the excitement.

Obtainability in 2023

For all those who wish to wield the power of Mecha Malphite, it’s readily available in the Riot store at a reasonable price of 1350 Riot Points. This fantastic skin comes loaded with all the animations, sounds, and particles you could hope for, making it a must-have addition to your collection.

If you’re looking to jump into the action with Mecha Malphite already in your inventory, you can find accounts with this coveted skin at They have got you covered, granting you access to this incredible skin and the thrilling experience it brings.

Gamers Feedback

Mecha Malphite skin has received a mixed response from LoL community. Some praise its unique design, cool recall animation, and particle effects, while others express concerns about the color scheme and desire for a visual update for the champion.

“A good time to be a Malphite main :)”

“Just a tiny thing but wish when mal passive reactivates it would have a special animation… this skin will buy for sure.”

“They should make a Rammus skin where he transforms into a car or something during his Ball Curl.”

 “Aatrox e Malphite duo JAEGERS OP!”

My Feedback

As an avid League of Legends player, I can’t help but express my admiration for the Mecha Malphite skin. Riot has truly outdone themselves with this creation. The design exudes coolness and futurism, capturing the essence of a formidable robot warrior. The splash art alone is jaw-dropping.

The recall animation, transforming Malphite into a colossal drill, is sheer genius and adds a new level of excitement to each match. The robotic voiceover modification further immerses you in the mecha theme, making Malphite feel like a true mechanical powerhouse.

Each ability cast with this skin is a delight to behold, with particle effects and animations that bring a sense of satisfaction to every move. The attention to detail is commendable, and it’s evident that Riot poured their creativity into this masterpiece.

To me, Mecha Malphite is an 8 out of 10, without a doubt. It’s the epitome of what a mecha-themed champion should be, and I can’t wait for Riot to create more mecha skins for other champions like Nautilus and Volibear.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Mecha Malphite is an awe-inspiring skin that will leave you in awe of its robotic might. Inspired by iconic franchises, it brings together the best of both worlds, capturing the imagination of players worldwide. The animations, sounds, and particles are top-notch, immersing you in the thrilling experience of commanding a massive war robot.

While some players may criticize the color scheme, I find the bright and vibrant look to be its charm. It sets Mecha Malphite apart from other mecha-themed skins, adding a unique touch to Malphite’s appearance. To me, it’s not just a toy; it embodies the spirit of a formidable robot warrior.

With a rating of 8 out of 10, Mecha Malphite is a true testament to Riot’s dedication to providing players with top-notch cosmetic content. If you’re a fan of Malphite or simply love mecha themes, don’t miss the opportunity to add this remarkable skin to your collection. Gear up and step into the future with Mecha Malphite!


What is the lore behind Mecha Malphite skin?

The Mecha Malphite skin is set in a distant future where colossal kaiju threaten the world. Mecha Malphite, designated M-2, is a massive, bipedal fortress created as the ultimate defense against these monsters. It can transform into a planetary drill and has become the world’s guardian against these mighty adversaries.

What is the inspiration behind Mecha Malphite skin?

The skin draws inspiration from two iconic franchises, Transformers and Pacific Rim. Mecha Malphite embodies the strength of Transformers and the scale of Pacific Rim mechas, creating a colossal, multicolored robot warrior.

What are the unique features and design elements of Mecha Malphite skin?

Mecha Malphite’s skin transforms him into a massive blue war robot with powerful robotic arms and legs. The skin showcases various animations, like visual battle damage when his passive is on cooldown, red-hot hands during Brutal Strikes, and a grand recall animation where he morphs into a three-headed drill.

How can I obtain the Mecha Malphite skin in 2023?

The Mecha Malphite skin is available for purchase in the Riot store for 1350 RP. Players can also find accounts with this skin on platforms like

What is the general player feedback about Mecha Malphite skin?

The player feedback for Mecha Malphite skin is mixed. Some players praise its unique design, cool recall animation, and immersive sound effects, while others express concerns about the color scheme and request a visual update for the champion. Overall, it has received positive responses and appeals to fans of mecha-themed skins and Malphite mains.