Moo Cow Alistar is a skin released in 2017 and he shares his line with skins such as:
-Golden Alistar
-Sweeper Alistar
-Marauder Alistar
-Longhorn Alistar
-Matador Alistar
-Conqueror Alistar
-SKT T1 Alistar
-Unchained Alistar
-Infernal Alistar
-Hechech Alistar

It is a well-known fact: the popular Alistair figurines cost a lot of money, and the cow theme is especially valuable and can literally cost thousands of dollars. This rare type is always on the market and a real battle is fought for them at auctions. Unfortunately, not everyone can appreciate the Moo Cow Alistar, because it is literally a treasure! For example, children love to play in the sand or immerse them in the bathroom. Another fun skin released for April Fools’ Day will not let you get bored. Alistar is dressed in a cow costume and looks very funny. On splash art, besides, he is depicted of small stature. It also shows how he and his friends Super Kennen and Renektoy are running away from a pug puppy named Pug’Maw. This puppy is very fond of food and probably confused friends with her. Super Kennen carries a Moo Cow Alistar in his arms, in his hands you can see a small bottle of milk. All this looks incredibly hilarious. In the game, he looks exactly the same. From the little things in his ear you can see a tag, which also sends us to cow tones.

It is also worth mentioning new animations of abilities, particles and sounds made exclusively for this skin. For example, developers created new particles for abilities like Pulverize, Trample, and Unbreakable Will. So, when using Unbreakable Will, instead of the usual pieces of metal, small fences with flowers revolve around it. During the animation of the recall, you can watch a cute scene. In front of Moo Cow Alistar, several small kittens appear, whom he feeds with milk from a bottle. It looks incredibly charming.

How to get Moo Cow Alistar in 2022?

It is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. You can access it for 975 RP and provide yourself incredible fun for a long time.

How do I obtain this skin? — The Chroma skins are Regular skins, which means you can buy them directly from the in-game shop at any moment. It’s always for sale, but you’ll need to unlock the original skin first.

Is it worthwhile to purchase? – If you’re not sure whether or not this skin is worth purchasing. We’d like to note you that you can try out this skin at any moment on the Public Beta Environment server. You can buy and test any skin in the game once you have access to the PBE server. If you’re interested in learning more, read about the PBE server and how to acquire access here

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