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Mythic Cassiopeia – Cassiopeia’s mythological counterpart, Mythic Cassiopeia, has a different skin. In ancient Greek mythology, she is a goddess who rules over the waters. Medusa-like, she transforms her foes into stone statues. All of the gods from Olympus have the same power as Mythic Cassiopeia. Those who refuse to follow her orders or question her divine right to rule will be put to death. This image depicts Cassiopeia engaged in a fight with humans in an old city. The warriors fled in terror, yet they nevertheless turned to stone as a result. Cassiopeia’s dazzling eyes are both frightening and awe-inspiring. It’s an attire called that the goddess wears on her own. Mythic Cassiopeia wears light white garments and gold bracers and shoulder pads. She wears two olive branches on her head and steel claws on her hands, which she uses to rip apart her enemies. Because Cassiopeia is a true goddess, her skin has an intimidating and icy appearance.

The animations and the most of the VFX were left untouched by the creators. Petrifying Gaze now has some amazing new effects thanks to the addition of some new particles. A wave of green particles is sent at its enemies, which changes into Mythic Cassiopeia’s visage. Cassiopeia’s dead eyes and snake fangs may be clearly seen on the enormous projection of her face. From a specific perspective, the projection seems to encircle the whole screen.
Greek mythology and ancient marine legends may be just up your alley. Then Mythic Cassiopeia will be just up your alley. In Greek mythology, she is a sea goddess that has incredible control over the tides and the ocean waves. She can summon storms from deep under the water or even deliver them to the shore. Men should avoid looking directly into her eyes since she has the power to turn them into stone.

In 2022, how can you acquire Mythic Cassiopeia?

Normal Cassiopeia’s skin is Mythic Cassiopeia. In this case, you may buy it from the game shop at any time. Petrifying Gaze’s effect alone justifies the purchase of the skin at 975 RP. Fans of Greek mythology and antiquity will like this skin.

The Serpent’s Embrace gains a lot of Hellenic elegance from Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia’s humanity is underlined by her physique and her attire. The laurel wreath is a nice touch, but it has to share the stage with the unique tiara. Her snake lower body is well ornamented. Although the ventral scales seem thin, the uneven vertebral scales make up for it. Mythic Cassiopeia is a decent skin, but not ideal. No skin can capture her human beauty, and few can enhance a champion’s elegance. If only the price matched its technical qualities, admirers of the Serpent’s Embrace should not miss this skin.

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